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It is time to make the dream come true! 12.10.2020
A simple walk up the road for Birthday Fried Rice 12.10.2020
Hey Hey from another new school.... Totally Awesome! 09.08.2020
HHHmmm, wrong food Wing Wang! 18.07.2020
Found A New Set of Stairs... and new Art 17.07.2020
Our End of Year Performance.... Beeeeeeautiful! 09.07.2020
Beautiful And Ever Changing Classroom Door Gardens 09.07.2020
Wall Decorations by Kinder Beauties 08.07.2020
Ello Ello Aloe Vera & The Qingyuan Gardens 05.07.2020
Losing Balance Part 4 05.07.2020
Losing Balance Part 3 05.07.2020
Losing Balance Part 2 05.07.2020
Losing Balance Part 1 05.07.2020
An Awesome Spring Outing Number 1 04.07.2020
Suited, Photoded and a Happy Walking Day 04.07.2020
Celebrating 'Mid Autumn Festival', my Kinders style! 04.07.2020
Long Time, No See... 1 20.10.2019
Suited, Photoded and a Happy Walking Day 16.03.2019
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen 05.12.2018
November 22.11.2018
Revolver, Eating it Beatles Style 04.11.2018
My Stomach Vs Me 23.09.2018
My Stomach Vs Me 23.09.2018
Celebrating 'Mid Autumn Festival', my Kinders style! 21.09.2018
Dining Western Style 16.09.2018
A Walking Around Catch-up after two years Away 10.09.2018
Many new teachers ask, where have you taught? 10.09.2018
Welcome To Shanghai Road Food Street, My Home! 09.09.2018
The Playground is my Workplace 09.09.2018
Tanabata... from China to Japan back to China. 17.08.2018
Its Time to leave...Its Time for a new Adventure 10.08.2018
A Bit of Easter Fun & Planting Seeds With The Kids 19.04.2018
After Being Saved I Went For A Burger Walk 26.02.2018
Fun Times & Cold Winter Walks In The Vegie Patch 26.02.2018
A Snowy & 'Outstanding' End of Term Party 26.02.2018
A Wonderful Christmas Party at Stella's English School 26.02.2018
Let's Go Shopping! 09.02.2018
January, A Perfect Time & Month To Begin The New Year! 08.02.2018
Fathers Day Fun At Kinder 26.01.2018
Our Kinder Hall Gardens & DIY Fun & Tianyi Square 26.01.2018
Our Awesome Kinder New Years Party 11.01.2018
Our Kinder Teachers Christmas Hotpot and Party Fun...Yummy! 09.01.2018
The Gift of Giving... 09.01.2018
Let's Soldier In Christmas 2017 09.01.2018
Random Fun and Adventure In The Life of Eddakath 08.01.2018
My Students Leaf Paintings & Random Walk Paintings 29.12.2017
School Fun & Rockin The Food at the Caribbean Eatery 29.12.2017
Army Day, Women's Day & Fruit Day Celebrations 21.12.2017
Fathers Day Fun At Kinder 21.12.2017
The Finance History & Art Museum Adventure 06.12.2017
The Muzu Temple & Ningbo Boat Museum Adventure 06.12.2017
Xiangshan Film Site & Songlan Beach Adventure 16.11.2017
An Amazingly Fun Boot Camp Adventure 01.11.2017
An Awesome Kinder Halloween Party 01.11.2017
One of My Beautiful Grand Canal Afternoon Adventures 30.10.2017
A Moon Lake Adventure With Lovely Linda 26.10.2017
My Kinders 'Sister Schools' Concert 26.10.2017
A Trip To An `old fashion' Post Office With My Students 10.10.2017
An Awesome Foodalish Flying Day With My Students 01.10.2017
After 10 Years Blogging, Travelpods Shutring Down 30.03.2017
Spring Festival Kinder Teachers Dance Performance 21.01.2017
Awesome Day At Ocean World Adventure With Linda 14.01.2017
Meeting 36 of My New Students For Next Term..Yeah! 13.01.2017
New Year Beers N Noodles With Ting Ting 02.01.2017
Kinder Christmas Gatherings & Awesome Plays 24.12.2016
The Passing of the Three. She Will Lay To Sleep x 17.12.2016
Thanksgiving & Aussie Consulate Adventure 29.11.2016
The Bund & Level 1 of Art Museum Adventure 19.11.2016
Singles Day & The Tianyi Library Adventure 10.11.2016
A Surprise Weekend Visit With Ting Ting 06.11.2016
Kinder Cicheng Ancient Water Town Adventure 03.11.2016
Trick or Treat! My Creepy Little Ghouls & Wit 30.10.2016
Bikes Balls & A Heap of Kinder Fun 15.10.2016
The New Kindergartens 1st National Day Performance 07.10.2016
Welcome To My New Apartment & Let's Take AWalk 04.10.2016
Time For a Teaching Change, Welcome To Ningbo City 30.09.2016
HuaiAn Shanghai Bike Street Adventure 31.08.2016
A Walking Super Day & Super M&Ms Night 25.08.2016
Observing Observation Deck & Tings Awesome Din 22.08.2016
Ningbo Putoushan Island Adventure2 18.08.2016
Ningbo Putoushan Island Adventure 16.08.2016
Lianqioa Palace & Outskirts Adventure 13.08.2016
Ningbo Moon Lake Walking Adventure 11.08.2016
Ningbo Bund & City Walking Adventure 09.08.2016
Cangpocun Village Adventure 07.08.2016
Furongcun Village Adventure 06.08.2016
Yantaocun Village Adventure 04.08.2016
Wenzhou Temple Island Adventure 02.08.2016
Wenzhou City Walks. Maybe I'll Move Here! 29.07.2016
Wenzhou Old Town Adventure 27.07.2016
Shanghai Zoo Adventure 25.07.2016
Zhujiajiao Walk & Cocktails..Keep The Bday Going 23.07.2016
Zhujiajiao Lake Walk For Tings Birthday 21.07.2016
Zhujiajiao Village for Tings Birthday 18.07.2016
Songjiang Ancient Town Adventure 15.07.2016
Qibao Ancient Town 10.07.2016
Longhua Temple & Fun Park Adventures 06.07.2016
The Bund & Ting Tings First Hooters Adventures 04.07.2016
This Is Good Bye To HuaiAn And My Students 29.06.2016
Congrats To My Four Grade 6's! Wonderful Year! 23.06.2016
Another AWESOME Children's Day & We Had A Blas 01.06.2016
We Came Second In The Cinderella Competition YEAH! 21.05.2016
The MaTouzhen Adventure 09.04.2016
The Peaceful Ride to ChuZhous Wentong Pagoda 12.03.2016
Beers N BBQ's & Back With The City Crew! 17.02.2016
First Time Home In 11 Years! Awesome Family XOXOX 12.02.2016
Whata Wonderful Term It Was & Now Off To Australia 16.01.2016
Wintery Fun During November & December 12.12.2015
My First Real Happy Halloween..It Rocked! 30.10.2015
A Day At The Zoo & A Birthday Cake Or Two 29.10.2015
A Few Extra Days & The Daming Temple Adventure 28.08.2015
The Beautiful Gardens of Yangzhou City Adventure 25.08.2015
Received My ATM Card & Money at the Holidays End 20.08.2015
The Gang of Sisters Party Continues in Dexing 16.08.2015
Party Time In Dexing With The Gang of Sisters 06.08.2015
The Shangrao To Try And Get My Money Adventure 29.07.2015
The Rockin End Of Term Kinder & Party Fun 08.07.2015
The Lonely Wetlands Temple Adventures 06.06.2015
Our Awesome Children's Day Performance 30.05.2015
A Bit Of Fun In The Warm May Sun 23.05.2015
The Peach Tree Park Adventures 16.05.2015
Old Yellow River Wetlands Adventures 09.05.2015
Wet Lands Temple Pagoda Adventure 02.05.2015
The Grand Canal Opera Museum & Pagoda Adventures 18.04.2015
School Adventure To Xuyi Tianquan Lake & Temple 14.04.2015
The New Terms Adventures 30.03.2015
The Not So Beautiful Grand Canal Ride 14.03.2015
Mengla & Flight From Kunming To Snowy Nanjing 27.02.2015
Flight To The Border & Back To China, Mengla Walks 25.02.2015
Random Days of Happenings In Beautiful Vientiane 22.02.2015
Beautiful Karst Peak Comical Pack Thief Adventure 18.02.2015
Kayaking With The Tubers & Bears Feet Alcohol 16.02.2015
Wats Across The Mekong River Adventure 14.02.2015
The Elephant Village Adventure 13.02.2015
The PhoSi & Textile Village Adventure 12.02.2015
Welcome To Laos & The Journey To Luang Prabang 11.02.2015
Still Just As Beautiful Even Without The 'Scene' 09.02.2015
Why Am I In Chongqing & Why All The Seagulls? 07.02.2015
Bye Bye Brits & The Winter Beers N Noodles Begins 06.02.2015
The Silly Season & All Its Festivity 01.02.2015
Frosty Came To Play Then Thankfully Went Away 31.01.2015
A Very Kindergarten Christmas 24.12.2014
Half An Hour Walk From Hotel To Wanda Bus Stop 13.12.2014
Brainz Buffet & Christmas Paper Cutting 11.12.2014
An English Comp & Electric Ride To A Temple 06.12.2014
The Real Hexia Ancient Village 29.11.2014
The 2500 Year Old Ancient Hexia Village Adventures 28.11.2014
A Little Cha Cha & Wondering Wanda 22.11.2014
The Princely ChuZhou City Wall Ride Adventures 08.11.2014
I Said Boy, Put The Cat Down & Go Apple Bobbing 29.10.2014
Just Another Weekend In The Life Of... 25.10.2014
Fun & Games With The Kids...What A Colourful Life 23.10.2014
The Monkey Magic Town & Museum Adventure 11.10.2014
Bochishan Lake With Alica Adventures 10.10.2014
A Cornalishess Ride To The Sun & Moon Eco Park 06.10.2014
The Riverside Temple of Snacks District Adventures 04.10.2014
The Greatest Of The Grand Canals 01.10.2014
My New Huai'An District Area 25.09.2014
My New Huai'An School & Rugrats 20.09.2014
The Ming Wall & Xuanwu Lake Adventure 28.08.2014
The Fuzi Temple Tourist Complex Adventure 26.08.2014
The Zhonghua Gate & City Wall Adventure 24.08.2014
The Zhengzhou To The Museum & Back Adventure 22.08.2014
The Between Two Temples & City Wall Adventure 20.08.2014
The Zhengzhou Between Two Parks Adventure 18.08.2014
The Temple By The Train Station Adventure 14.08.2014
Pretty In PinK & The Haihui Temple Adventure 10.08.2014
Chens Castle & Guoyu Village Adventure 07.08.2014
The Dangjiacun Village Adventure 03.08.2014
Walking Around An Ancient Architecture Museum 30.07.2014
The Xianyang Museum & A Sad Goodbye to Luo Wei 28.07.2014
The Last Several Days With Luo Wei & Little Baby 22.07.2014
The Super Sneaky Temple Girl Reunion 19.07.2014
Mosque, Church & Hutong Adventure 18.07.2014
A Theme Park Based On Ancient Snacks & Scroll 16.07.2014
Where The Emperor Once Ruled China & Ate Snacks 15.07.2014
A Guildhall of a Night Market 13.07.2014
A Warm Welcome To My New School & City 11.07.2014
The 2014 Summer Beers N Noodles Adventure HasBegun 22.06.2014
Goodbye Fun With The Gang of Sisters 10.06.2014
Childrens Day Concert 2014...Awesome! 31.05.2014
Winter Walks Around The Other Side of The City 17.05.2014
A Cartoon Village About Chicken Plucking 19.04.2014
Welcoming Spring With The Gang of Sisters 15.03.2014
The Back In Guangze With Ting Ting Adventure 15.02.2014
The Original Shaowu Crew Back Together 09.02.2014
The Guangze County With Ting Ting Adventure 07.02.2014
The Nanchang New Year Adventure 02.02.2014
Happy Christmas, New Year & Happy BirthdayDay Fran 07.01.2014
My Students Beautiful New Years Performance 28.12.2013
The Past Few Weeks Have Been Totally Noodlesome 18.12.2013
Hot Pot With The Gang of Sisters & School Sports 18.11.2013
Happy Little Smiles For Another Sad Goodbye 10.11.2013
Tripitaka & Monkey Magic & I Forgot My Birthday! 19.10.2013
Mid Autumn Festival & Grains of Time 28.09.2013
The Diaozhong to Xiangtun Link Adventures Found 21.09.2013
Kicking Around KungFu Style in Guangzhou 28.08.2013
The Baimiao River Walking Home Adventure 26.08.2013
Finally The Baimiao River Temple Adventure 26.08.2013
The aMAAZEing Xiangangcun Bagua Village Adventure 24.08.2013
The aMAAAZEing Bagua Lichacun Village Adventure 23.08.2013
The Wonderful Yangcun Village Adventure 21.08.2013
Wudang Mountain and I Will Never Be Friends 19.08.2013
The Shaba Art Fort and Rice Wine Fort Adventure 15.08.2013
The Amazing Guanxi New and Old Forts Adventure 12.08.2013
I Finally Found Longnans Old Quarter 10.08.2013
Several Days Of Extremely Hot River Walks 09.08.2013
Exploring Ganzhou's Ancient Areas & City Wall 05.08.2013
Baizhuyuan Mint & Dajing Adventure 01.08.2013
Huangyanjie & Maoping Adventures 31.07.2013
The DuJuanShan Mountain Adventure 30.07.2013
Longtan & Shuikou Waterfall Park Adventures 29.07.2013
A Short Hobble To The Revolutionary Museum 28.07.2013
Falling In & Out Of Love With Jinggang Town 27.07.2013
Linchuan Pagoda Village Adventure 22.07.2013
Far Too Much Beer N BBQ & Some Parks & Gardens 21.07.2013
Porky The Pig & The Flash N Whirly Movement 17.07.2013
Passports, A New Link & Generally Loving Life 11.07.2013
Reflections From A Rice Field 15.06.2013
Good Morning Drunkstable....I mean Copper! 13.06.2013
The 2013 Visa Medical Shambles 01.06.2013
The Sad Left-Behinds & Children's Day Performance 29.05.2013
Hua Qiao Town & My New Bikes First Adventure 19.05.2013
Food Festival & Instant Noodle History & Mkt Stand 10.05.2013
The Last Cuppa To Say Goodbye 02.05.2013
A Far Away Mountain Ride To Begin To Say Goodbye 29.04.2013
Peddles & North East Dumplings 22.04.2013
Springs 'Field Burning' Gone Completely Wrong 15.04.2013
An Awesome Fuzhou Catchup With Ting Ting 01.04.2013
Missing Link Ride & A Visit To Shangrao 23.03.2013
Around The River Bend Bike Adventures 07.03.2013
The 2013 Winter Beers N Noodles Adventure Ends 22.02.2013
Lakes Parks & Another Snackalishess Adventure 21.02.2013
Yellow Cranes, The Yangzi & A Snackalishess Time 20.02.2013
Wuhan Is A Really Big Bugger!`So Far I Love It! 19.02.2013
A Temply Tomb Adventure 17.02.2013
Holiday Beach to Haikou Foreshore Adventure 16.02.2013
The Sotto Portico Street & Market Adventures 15.02.2013
The Goodbye Sanya Yalong Bay Adventure 12.02.2013
The Last Few Days On The Peddles 11.02.2013
Sanyas Awesome 3D Art Museum 08.02.2013
Luhuitou Park & Dadonghai Beach Dinner 07.02.2013
The Nanshan Cultural Park & Temple Adventure 06.02.2013
The 'This Is Sanya Riding' Adventure 05.02.2013
The Ancient Strung String Bean Town Adventure 04.02.2013
Sanya City Walks & Rides...Awesome! 03.02.2013
Oh My Gawd, I'm In Vodkese Bay! 31.01.2013
Beers N Noodles On Tropical Hainan Island 29.01.2013
Far Too Much Street Food In Nanchang 28.01.2013
Jishui Reflective River Walk & Xinjiang Cuisine 26.01.2013
Jishui River Walk & Jiangxi Cuisine 12.01.2013
Happy Freezing New Year 03.01.2013
A Snowy End of Year School Performance 28.12.2012
Happy Christmas To The World 24.12.2012
White Wash End Of The World Village Adventures II 17.12.2012
White Washed Village Adventures Part I 13.12.2012
Happy Eastern Village Smurf Adventures 29.11.2012
That's How I Roll Baby, All The Way Up Pagoda Hill 13.11.2012
Life At Dexing School So Far 27.10.2012
Happy Birthday & Life In Dexing City So Far 11.10.2012
Once Again Feeling Glazed In China's China 29.08.2012
Longtan Lake, Plenty of History & Beers N Noodles 26.08.2012
Rope River Villages & Hanging Temple Adventures 24.08.2012
Yizhou Beers & Noodles & Village Rides 21.08.2012
MMMmmm Delicious Noodles! 19.08.2012
Another Baise Brad & Kitty Catch Up 18.08.2012
The Awesome Very Beery Six Year Catch Up 12.08.2012
A Wonderful Baise Brad & Kitty Catch Up 08.08.2012
The Eight Billion Yuan Good Bye Dinner 01.08.2012
A Dream Like Picturesque Landscape Painting 28.07.2012
Ancient XingPing Town Adventure 25.07.2012
Secret Beach & Stone Bridge Roast 21.07.2012
Ancient Puyi Town & Real Rural Villages. 18.07.2012
An Ancient Village Beneath Moon Hill 14.07.2012
The Legendary Dragon Bridge Adventure 11.07.2012
Bamboo Rafting With Sneaky Snacky 07.07.2012
Yangshuo.....It's Bloody Gorgeous Mate! 04.07.2012
The Shangrao Cinamatic Adventure Ends 29.06.2012
The Northern Villages Bike Adventures 16.06.2012
The Awesome Ten Minute After Class Noodle Run 06.06.2012
The Delightful Rice Paddy Temple Bike Adventures 26.05.2012
The Market District Snack Adventures 19.05.2012
The Beautiful GuYuan Temple Bike Adventures 05.05.2012
Colourful Return Bike Adventures From The Moon 28.04.2012
Colourful Bike Adventures to the Moon 19.04.2012
A Tomb Sweeping Easter On Bird Pagoda Hill 07.04.2012
DongYue Mountain Temple Bike Adventures 25.03.2012
The New Terms Wet & Rainy Catchup 15.03.2012
The 2012 Winters Beers N Noodles Adventures End 09.02.2012
Fifty Six Ethnic Groups In One Day 03.02.2012
Lemuer Gulliver, His Oriental Beauty & Mini China 31.01.2012
A-Ma Temple & Barra Hill History Adventure 25.01.2012
Cotai Stripping At The Vegas of The East 24.01.2012
Macau Adventure With iSis CristinaW & Kungfu Ken 23.01.2012
Sleepy Portuguese Backwater Turned Gambling Resort 21.01.2012
Lantau Island & The Big Buddha Adventure 20.01.2012
The New Territories, Sheezus Christ & Temples 19.01.2012
Hongkers & Peakin Out With Victoria 18.01.2012
Temple Street & Victoria Harbour 17.01.2012
Where & What In The World Is Honkers? 16.01.2012
Window of The World & Little Stuff 13.01.2012
Dafen Copies with Coffee & My Lisa Jane 12.01.2012
Christmas & New Years Beers N Noodles 02.01.2012
Happy Christmas From The Aussie Roo & His Students 24.12.2011
Botanical Gardens & Ding Park Adventures 21.12.2011
Forest Mountain Park Walking & Bike Adventures 11.12.2011
Peaceful Long Tan Lake Park Bike Adventures 04.12.2011
Qinghefang Ancient Town & Dance Festival 27.11.2011
West Lake & Cold Pints For JiangNi's Birthday 25.11.2011
Shangrao: My County Bike Adventures II 19.11.2011
Shangrao: My County Bike Adventures I 18.11.2011
After All, Time With Twins Is But A Mans Dream! 12.11.2011
Chinese Concentration Camps For Chinese People 10.11.2011
The Lingshan Mountain Adventure 06.11.2011
A Weeks Rides, Pyramids & Children of The Corn 04.11.2011
Behind The Facades & Delicious Jiangxi Cuisine 31.10.2011
Peace & Life Beyond The School Walls 27.10.2011
Shangrao & Life In The School So Far 16.10.2011
Happy 7th Beers N Noodles Birthday To Me 11.10.2011
Shangrao & Life In The City So Far 30.09.2011
A Drunken Double Celebration 12.09.2011
Happy Birthday Travis 06.09.2011
Jiangxi Province, Nice Place For Beers N Noodles 31.08.2011
The 2011 Manchurian Beers N Noodles Adventure Ends 28.08.2011
Relaxing Lamaist Stupa Style Dagoba Steeple Days 16.08.2011
Yin Ruins & The Worlds Oldest Writing 13.08.2011
A Relaxing Day At The Beach 11.08.2011
Another Wonderful Ming Dynasty Walled City 10.08.2011
The Last Emperor of China 07.08.2011
Just Checking The Place Out 06.08.2011
Sun Island Park & Chinese Valentines Day 05.08.2011
Russian Adventures Between Beer & Food Stops 04.08.2011
A Relaxing Blue Sky & River Adventure 31.07.2011
Such a Wonderful City to Eat Korean & Relax In 26.07.2011
The Last Weeks Ji'an Adventures with Suijun 22.07.2011
Beautiful Koguryo Tomb & Border Adventures 18.07.2011
Tiger Mountain, Where The Great Wall Begins 13.07.2011
Love This Vibrant Border Town City So Much! 12.07.2011
The Korean War With a Bit of Difference 11.07.2011
If You Can't Go to Guilin, Head to Bingyu Valley 09.07.2011
A Relaxing Day in the Xinghai Beach Area 07.07.2011
Lushun, Sandy Tigers & Crazily Angry Tour Girl 06.07.2011
Taiji's Just Huangin Around Beiling Park Awhile 04.07.2011
Snow Beer at the Imperial Palace & Vibrant Markets 03.07.2011
A Peaceful & Quiet Museum Day 02.07.2011
The 2011 Summer Beers N Noodles Adventure Begins 30.06.2011
Xiamei Village & The Start of the Ancient Tea Road 25.06.2011
Qinglong Waterfalls & Longchuang Grand Canyon 24.06.2011
The End of My Time In Shaowu & Fujian Province 17.06.2011
Wuyuan County & Villages Adventure 06.06.2011
Dexing School Beers N Noodles Adventure 05.06.2011
Childrens Day Fun & Adventure 31.05.2011
Ancient Heping Village Adventure 28.05.2011
Wuyishan & Da Hong Pao Part 2 - Impressions 23.05.2011
Wuyishan & Da Hong Pao Part 1 - Tea Culture 22.05.2011
Students Market Helping Hand to Help Japan 19.05.2011
Happy Mothers Day Mar Kettle...Miss N Luvya Mate x 07.05.2011
Zixi & DaJue Mountain Adventure with Ting Ting 22.04.2011
Why Not Go Home Day 3 - Days Filled With Smiles 17.04.2011
Why Not Go Home Day 2 - The Feng Shui Dream 16.04.2011
Why Not Go Home Day 1 - Wuyishan 15.04.2011
The Big Green Village Dumpling Adventure 30.03.2011
The New Terms Happenings...So Far, Not Much! 29.03.2011
Another Perfect Day For Ferris Wang Bueller 26.03.2011
The 2011 Winter Beers N Noodles Adventure Ends 16.02.2011
The Da Jing Ancient Village Adventure 11.02.2011
Japanese Chi'an Kong Hai Temple Adventure 10.02.2011
The Yantian Floating Village Motorbike Adventure 09.02.2011
The Beiqi Village & Mudflats Ride 08.02.2011
Shuangxi Ancient Town & Qiancheng Bridge 06.02.2011
Another Dream Come True, The Wan’an Bridge 05.02.2011
More Noodles from Mindong or North East Fujian 04.02.2011
A Sunny & Warm Temple Day With Ivy 03.02.2011
The Floating Fishing Village of Sandu'ao 02.02.2011
A Long City Walk & The Re-Birth of a Temple 29.01.2011
The Beautiful Xichan Temple Adventure 26.01.2011
A Walk Through Three Lanes & Around West Lake 25.01.2011
The Min River & The Opposing Pagodas 24.01.2011
A Black N White Wuyishan Adventure 19.01.2011
The 2011 Winter Beers N Noodles Adventure Begins 14.01.2011
The Silly Seasons Fun & Adventure 02.01.2011
Winter Solstice Fun & Adventure 21.12.2010
What I Remember of Shauns Birthday Weekend 11.12.2010
Little Adventures From Singapore 08.12.2010
Singles Day & Novembers Warm Goodbye 29.11.2010
Ross's 21st Birthday Week Misadventures 05.11.2010
Another Wonderful Adventure at Wuyishan 23.10.2010
The Beast On My Double Twentieth Birthday 11.10.2010
Chinese National Day Holiday Fun and Adventures 07.10.2010
When Found in a Box She Wore a Small Face 04.10.2010
Back In The Rice Fields Around Shaowu City 29.09.2010
Offerings To The Moon Goddess & More 24.09.2010
Transitions Back Into My New Life in Fujian 16.09.2010
Teachers Day Fun & Adventure 09.09.2010
The Dong Peoples Drum Tower & a Quiet Temple 27.08.2010
The Beautiful ChengYang Wind & Rain Bridge 26.08.2010
A Lush Green & Hot Chili Village Adventure 25.08.2010
Period Clothes, Swords, Guns & Basha Topknots 23.08.2010
After A Twelve Hour Bus Ride & 2.5% Beer 20.08.2010
An Unfurling Natural Scroll Painting of Elegance 17.08.2010
The Wonderful Longgong Caves Adventure 15.08.2010
The Wonderful Huangguoshu Waterfalls 14.08.2010
Cobble Stone Streets & Karst Limestone Peaks 13.08.2010
The Miao Qingyan Village Adventure 11.08.2010
The Qianling Mountain Park Adventure 09.08.2010
A Walk Around Beautiful Guiyang City 08.08.2010
A Peaceful Time With The Long Skirt Miao Girls 07.08.2010
Another Beautiful Day Xijiang Village 05.08.2010
The Beautiful Miao Village of Xijiang 04.08.2010
Stuck In My Hotel & Work Site Wall Paintings 03.08.2010
Markets, Festivals, BBQ, Beer & Miao Girls...Yum! 01.08.2010
Wulingyuan Nature Park Day Two CAVE 28.07.2010
Wulingyuan Nature Park Day One AVATAR 27.07.2010
A Day Floating With Connie & Monique 26.07.2010
The Majestic Tianmen Mountain Adventure 25.07.2010
New Beers Deep in the Wulingyuan Mountains 24.07.2010
Sill Stuck In Funky Fenghuang Old Town 22.07.2010
Funkinout in Fenghuang Old Town Man 19.07.2010
Ancient Dehang Village 17.07.2010
Finally Beers N Noodles With Aussie Crusty 15.07.2010
The Yangshuo Li River & Moon Hill Adventures 11.07.2010
The 2010 Summer Beers N Noodles Adventure Begins 07.07.2010
Thanks For The Beers N Noodles Hanzhong City 02.07.2010
Last Class Good Bye Fun & Games 30.06.2010
Floods in Shaowu City, Fujian Province 25.06.2010
Hanzhongs Not So Exciting City Sites Adventure 2 19.06.2010
The Rural Ancient Plank Road Ride & Happy Birthday 15.06.2010
Hanzhongs Not So Exciting City Sites Adventure 1 06.06.2010
My Life Amongst Things That You Peddle & Pull 03.06.2010
The Han River Ride 5 & The Shengshuisi Temple 29.05.2010
The Han River Ride 4 & The Water Buffalo Ride 25.05.2010
The Han River Ride 3 & The Wrong River Ride 23.05.2010
Thanks to MiMates & the Hanzhong School Attack 11.05.2010
The Han River Ride 2 & South Western Temples 03.05.2010
The Han River Ride 1 & Aussie Terry & Eve 30.04.2010
Beers For Classroom Assistance & My New School 15.04.2010
Qingming 3 - Zhang Qian & Local Temple Festival 04.04.2010
Qingming 2 - Collective Gatherings at Wu Hou Tomb 03.04.2010
Qingming 1 - Happy Easter & Sweepin Tombs 02.04.2010
There is No Mosque Crescent Moon..April Fools! 31.03.2010
Walking The Ancient Baoxie/Shimen Plank Road 20.03.2010
Hanzhong Hantai Museum & Ancient Alter Ruins 18.03.2010
First Rides Out N About In The Hanzhong Fields 17.03.2010
My New Life & Adventure In The South West 12.03.2010
The Lantern Festival on the Xian City Walls 27.02.2010
Famen Temple & a Finger Bone of the Buddha 27.02.2010
Last Snacks & Beers in Guangdong Province 2010 24.02.2010
A Huge Food Day & Goodbye with Sweet Sofia 20.02.2010
The Zhongxin Water Pavilion & Boat Ride Adventure 19.02.2010
Ding Ding & So Begins My Sixth Year in China 18.02.2010
Onety Dumpty & The Seven Star Crag Park 17.02.2010
The Zhaoqing Fuxue Palace & Tiny Quilts 15.02.2010
The City Wall, River & Spring Festival Adventure 13.02.2010
The Big Kaiping Village Diaolou Cluster Adventure 10.02.2010
A Zili Village Diaolou Cluster of an Adventure 08.02.2010
Finally Finding Lianfang Tower & Now its Beer Time 06.02.2010
Smaller Hakka Villages Behind City Facades Part 2 05.02.2010
Smaller Hakka Peoples Villages Behind City Facades 04.02.2010
A Walls Eye View of Chaozhou & My Funky Hotel Room 03.02.2010
Spring Rolls, Chaozhou Culture & Kungfu Tea 02.02.2010
A Bus Ride, Carpet Squares & Chinese Maps 31.01.2010
Queshi Scenic Area & This N That Soup 29.01.2010
Ridiculously Delicious Women & Seafood 28.01.2010
Guangdong Province & Delicious Cantonese Cuisine 27.01.2010
Happy Aussie Day Mate & a Drunken Kitty Catchup 25.01.2010
Last Goodbyes & The Winds of Change Blow 22.01.2010
Last Beers at The Tote Hotel (Melbourne Australia) 17.01.2010
The 2010 Xian New Years Beers N Noodles Adventure 05.01.2010
The 2009 Xian Xmas Beers N Noodles Adventure 26.12.2009
Gearing Up for Christmas 2009 22.12.2009
Crazy Meetings & My New Baby (Computer) 25.11.2009
A Sunny & Floody Few Weeks Gone By 23.11.2009
Search of Mulder & Scully at Xiane Lake With Fish 09.11.2009
Shangzhou, The New International Play Ground 31.10.2009
Two Beauties & a Colourful SnackAbout Adventure 18.10.2009
Me Fink Itz Mazing! My Fifth Birthday in China! 12.10.2009
Mid Autumn Festival & an Awesome Ride 03.10.2009
The PRCs 60th Birthday & a Church Adventure For Me 30.09.2009
Teachers Day, Dinner With Friends & A Catchup 24.09.2009
The Beers N Noodles Adventure Ends On Mt Lushan 27.08.2009
Mc Stunners & The Dongling Monastery 25.08.2009
A Sunny Afternoon On the Yangzi 24.08.2009
On The Crossroads of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi 23.08.2009
Luotiancun, Shuinan & Jingtai Village Adventure 21.08.2009
Feeling Glazed At The Ancient Royal Kiln! 18.08.2009
Jingdezhen, A Vibrant City Full of China 17.08.2009
A Beautiful Ancient Bridge & City Adventure 15.08.2009
Fruity Meejyo Bars in Big Likeng Village 13.08.2009
Romantic Serenity in Small Likeng Village 11.08.2009
Lush Mountain Panoramas of Qiyun Shan 08.08.2009
Archways of Loyalty Piety Chastity and Justice 07.08.2009
The Huizhou Culture and Salt Merchants 06.08.2009
The Very Mysterious Huangshan Grottoes 05.08.2009
Tranquil & Unearthly Huangshan 04.08.2009
Crouching Tiger Hidden Villages of Yixian 03.08.2009
The Riverside Walk & Where and What is Tunxi City 02.08.2009
The Ancient Streets of Beautiful Tunxi Town 01.08.2009
Getting Lost In the Old Streets of Qingdao 29.07.2009
Qingdaos Beautiful Boardwalk Adventure 28.07.2009
Beautiful Foreshore Gardens & No Sand Castles 24.07.2009
Luigong Dao & The Sino-Japanese War Museum 23.07.2009
The Gift That Is Given & a New Beach To Play 22.07.2009
Immortality & Splendid Mythological Realities 20.07.2009
Sandy Giggles, The Heavenly Queen & Treaty Ports 19.07.2009
Unexpected Beauty on Thousand Buddha Mountain 17.07.2009
The City of Springs, a Temple, a Lake & Some BBQ 16.07.2009
Totally Confucius Sites N Stuff Maaaaan! 14.07.2009
Hungover In Qufu & A Little Bit On Confucius 13.07.2009
Confucius Says....Go To Qufu City My Son 12.07.2009
Mate, The 2009 Beers N Noodles Adventure Has Begun 10.07.2009
Celebrating Change, Friendship & Childrens Day 15.06.2009
The Colours as Spring Welcomes Summer 10.06.2009
Angels, Gut Instinct & The Dragon Boat Festival 28.05.2009
Jing Quan Shan & Backyard Hanging Temples..Awesome 03.05.2009
My Chopsticks Will Fly in a Furious Frenzy 25.04.2009
Too Many Beers With Guangxi Brad & Englands MikeTV 18.04.2009
A Most Awesome Weekend With The Gadget Family 11.04.2009
Hua Shan...Is It Really The Most Dangerous Trail? 10.04.2009
Back In The Saddle Again & A Night At The Local 29.03.2009
Ancient Whispers From The Silk Road 08.03.2009
The Months Wrapup and a Family Birthday Catchup 04.03.2009
How Much MORE Can A Koala Bear? 18.02.2009
Black Saturday Friends Family & Southern Australia 15.02.2009
Its a Bird! Its a plane! Its the Lantern Festival! 08.02.2009
The Adventure Ends with Stelaes & More Snacks 05.02.2009
Kaifeng Ancient & The New. Life,Walls Food & Parks 03.02.2009
The Haizhu District & Goodbye Beautiful Guangzhou 30.01.2009
Whirly Windy Things That Spin & Back On Baiyunshan 24.01.2009
Happy Chinese New Year of The Ox. Some Info For U 23.01.2009
I'm Alive and well and still in Canton City! 22.01.2009
The Nanfeng Ancient Kiln Fires & Foshan City 21.01.2009
My Beautiful Baiyun Shan Adventure 20.01.2009
Going out of your way to see the Out Of The Way 19.01.2009
The Lush Green Results of Massacres and Martyrs 18.01.2009
What a Fangcun Day I Had Today! 17.01.2009
Sanyuangong SunYatSen & Ancient Beijing Lu 16.01.2009
Composers Towers & Luhu & Yuntai Gardens 13.01.2009
New Tall Things Around the Ancient Chigang Pagoda 12.01.2009
The Chen Clan Temple & Shamian European Sandbank 11.01.2009
The Beautiful Liuhuahu Park & Pets On Hooks 10.01.2009
Patches Of Green & Slow Death By Incense 09.01.2009
The Backiest of the Back Street Snack Vendors 08.01.2009
Ancient Wooden Temples & a Sacred Stone Cathedral 07.01.2009
The Seductive Silence of Orchards & Nanyue Kings 06.01.2009
Mr Men N The Aussie Consulate Misadventure 05.01.2009
Strange to be White in Coloured Guangzhou City 04.01.2009
2009 New Years Beers N Noodles To You All 30.12.2008
Happy Xmas Beers & Noodles 2008 Mate 24.12.2008
Today Is Dumpling Day & Winter Solstice Festival 20.12.2008
A Pre-Christmas G'Day & a Catchup Coffee 07.12.2008
English Week Prep & JB's & No F n C's 21.11.2008
A World Of Strange Colours & How Cold Is It! 17.11.2008
The Temple on Breasts N Evil Hoe Hacking Boy 01.11.2008
The Dragon Back Mountains Dam & Temple Adventure 25.10.2008
The 2008 Great Aussie Vegemite Care Package 20.10.2008
The Aussie Roo's 4th Birthday in Mysterious China 11.10.2008
National Day..Green Parks, Temples N Good Friends 03.10.2008
National Day N the Daxingshan Temple Adventure 01.10.2008
Happy Birthday China N The Martyrs Cemetery 30.09.2008
Mid Autumn Festival N its Strange to Feel Strange 13.09.2008
Happy Chinese Teachers Day N Pagoda Hill Walk 09.09.2008
A Casual Walk Along the River Side of the City 05.09.2008
Space Sharks and My New School and Apartment 03.09.2008
The Temple of The Eight Immortals 31.08.2008
The Historical Residence Gao Yue Song 30.08.2008
The Xian City Arts Corner N Freddy Kruger Turtles 29.08.2008
The Banpo Prehistoric Museum Adventure 26.08.2008
The Awesome Xian Music Fountain 25.08.2008
Around The Ancient Xian Walls In Eighty Ways 24.08.2008
Walking The Ancient Xian City Walls 23.08.2008
Borrowed Time! How Much Time Is Good Time? 22.08.2008
Retracing Steps of Beauty N a Beauty for Dinner 18.08.2008
The Sun Shines N Splendour on Ji Gong Shan 17.08.2008
There Are Bloody European Villas on Ji Gong Shan 16.08.2008
Welcome To My Filthy Xinyang Hotel Room 15.08.2008
The Stunning Qingming Garden & The Old Quarter 13.08.2008
My Return to Kaifeng City. The City Above a City! 12.08.2008
Guyuang Shan Temples N a Happy Family Dinner 10.08.2008
Foreigners Must Pay at Xumi Shan Grottoes 09.08.2008
The Freaky Sikou Sandstone Gorges 07.08.2008
Gao High Temple From a Plastic Chair View 05.08.2008
Watermelons Everywhere in Zhongwei City 04.08.2008
Ten Thousand Year Old Faces N Ancient Xia Tombs 03.08.2008
How Can We Lose The Great Mosque? Isn't it Great? 02.08.2008
Bell Towers N Unexpected Lush Green City Parks 01.08.2008
Leaving The Grasslands for Unfarmable Desert Lands 31.07.2008
A Rainy Day at the Inner Mongolian Museum 29.07.2008
The Tomb of Wang Zhaojun the Imperial Concubine 28.07.2008
The Resonant Sand Gorge Adventure 27.07.2008
The Xilamuren Grasslands Adventure 26.07.2008
Wuta Pagoda N the Very Colourful Da Zhao Temple 25.07.2008
Eating Mongolian Hotpot in Inner Mongolia 24.07.2008
The Return of the Super NorthernChinese TrainGirl 23.07.2008
A Maze of Alley Ways N Temples N Shady Parks 22.07.2008
Hanging Monasterys N the Very Ancient Mu Ta Pagoda 21.07.2008
The Crazy Craftsmen of the Yungang Grottoes 20.07.2008
The Beautiful Adventure to Shahe N Beyond 19.07.2008
Too Many Temples N Begging Monks on Wutai Shan 18.07.2008
Jinci Temple N Lazy Old Trees 16.07.2008
From Time Warn Cobble Stones To a Big Greedy City 15.07.2008
Shapely Roof Tops N a Night At The Chinese Theatre 14.07.2008
Walking Within The Ancient Walls of Pingyao 13.07.2008
Court Yards N Tunnels N Across The Bridge Noodles 12.07.2008
The Ancient Walls N Romantic Lanterns of Pingyao 11.07.2008
The Muslim Quarter & Ancient Taoist Temples 10.07.2008
Islam Markets N Stoopid Tourist Faces 09.07.2008
Xian City Walk N Inside The Big Drum 08.07.2008
The New Nifty Tiny Traveller 07.07.2008
A Warm Welcome N To The City Bell Tower 06.07.2008
The Summer Beers N Noodles Adventure Begins 05.07.2008
Leaving Behind or Taking The Past With Me 05.07.2008
The Fujian Beers N Noodles Adventure Ends! 03.07.2008
The Last Last Supper & Mums 100,000 TPod Hits 23.06.2008
Childrens Day Celebrations Part II - Happy Photos 08.06.2008
The Dragon Boat Festival Less The Festival 07.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 7 07.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 6 06.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 5 05.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 4 04.06.2008
Earthquake Update From The Other Hometown Boy 2 04.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 3 03.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 2 02.06.2008
Pigs Eyes, Chicken Feet & Bat Wings Snax Part 1 01.06.2008
International Children's Day in China - Part I 31.05.2008
An Earthquake Update From Another Hometown Boy! 30.05.2008
The Taining Geo Park N Golden Lake Adventure 17.05.2008
The Beautiful Chinese Village Hop 16.05.2008
School Markets for Those Still Buried Beneath 15.05.2008
The Day The Northern Earth Crumbled 11.05.2008
Happy Mothers Day Toya Mar Mate! 10.05.2008
Four Canadians & One SneakySuperNorthernTrainGirl 04.05.2008
The May Fourth Movement & Why China is CHINA! 03.05.2008
International Workers Day With Happy Luo Wei 30.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 8 13.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 7 12.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 6 11.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 5 10.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 4 09.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 3 08.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 2 07.04.2008
Do You Eat Cats N Dogs N Bats N Frogs Part 1 06.04.2008
The Colourful World Below In the Yuhua Caves 05.04.2008
Happy Birthday to Yan N thanks for the hangover! 04.04.2008
The Qing Ming Tomb Sweeping Festival 03.04.2008
Beers N Noodles to My Nieces N Nephews! 20.03.2008
Tree Planting Day & Depressing Bare Ugly Hills 11.03.2008
International Womens Day In Fujian Province China 07.03.2008
What An Awesome Week It Was 29.02.2008
The Chinese Lantern Festival 2008 20.02.2008
Super Northern Girls Surprise Valentines Visit 12.02.2008
The Beer Man Wedding Feast N Back In The Fields 11.02.2008
Dining In A Village With Chickens At My Feet 2 08.02.2008
My Fifth Colourful N Sqawking Chinese New Year 06.02.2008
Spring Festival N Chinese New Year Information 05.02.2008
A Village/Temple Bike Ride with Amigo 19.01.2008
The LABA (Eight Treasure) Rice Festival 14.01.2008
Wuyi Shan Adventure With Luo Wei - Day II 13.01.2008
Wuyi Shan Adventure With Luo Wei - Day I 12.01.2008
Happy Yan Tan OR Happy Freakin New Year 2ya Mate! 31.12.2007
The Nanping 2008 Visa Medical Adventure 29.12.2007
Shaowu City School Performance. AWESOME! 28.12.2007
Happy Christmas To You All N Cake With Chopsticks 26.12.2007
Aliens The Flu N Fishless Fish Farms 25.11.2007
Yet Another Strangely Perfect Day In Shaowu City 15.11.2007
Lets Go On a Picnic Chinese Style! Bring the Wok! 10.11.2007
The Ancient Facts Behind The Modern Face of Shaowu 08.11.2007
FIRE FIRE FIRE! 119 Celebration Day! 07.11.2007
Wuyi Shan! The Noise Level of Bamboo Rafting! 26.10.2007
Wuyi Shan! A Wonderful Yet Beautiful Hassle 25.10.2007
A Non Adventure To Ancient Tainings Beautiful Lake 24.10.2007
Flippity Flippity Flop, Joyce Ran Up The Clock 22.10.2007
Young Pioneers Day in China 12.10.2007
My Happy Third Birthday Here In China! 11.10.2007
The Great Autumn Rice Harvest Bike Ride 04.10.2007
Happy Birthday China N Another Week Off to Ride 30.09.2007
Happy TEACHERS DAY to all in China 09.09.2007
Do You Wanna Know What I Rekkon 24.08.2007
A Beautiful Island N a City Demolishing itsHistory 23.08.2007
Lexus Cars Apartments N Where The Hell Are We? 22.08.2007
Ningbo Citys Wonderful Gardens Rivers N Beauties 21.08.2007
The Beautiful Night N Day Staff N KFC 20.08.2007
A Day In The Hangzhou Hills With Chinese Barry 19.08.2007
Happy Chinese Lovers / Valentines Day 18.08.2007
China's Original N Most Beautiful 'West Lake' 18.08.2007
Beers N Noodles and An Evening With Happy Susan 17.08.2007
A Beautiful Ancient Smurf Water Village 16.08.2007
Beautiful Canals N a Garden to Linger In 15.08.2007
A Day of Cheap N Beautiful Suzhou Gardens 14.08.2007
Suzhou, The Wonderful City of Gardens N Dumplings 13.08.2007
Endless Legs, A Lady Boy N a Beautiful Tea House 12.08.2007
Jinshan Si N an Awesome Family Dinner 11.08.2007
A Temple Island N Two Beauties On A Bamboo Raft 10.08.2007
Chang Jiang! Its the mighty Yangzi River Mate! 09.08.2007
Eating Fried Rice at Slender West Lake 08.08.2007
Fried Rice Is The Garden City...Beautiful! 07.08.2007
I'm In Fried Rice City Maaaaaan! Seriously, I am! 06.08.2007
The Zhongshan Gate Selfishness N Beautiful Gardens 05.08.2007
A Day in the Zhong Shan (Mountain) Area 04.08.2007
The Rape of Nanking N a City Walk 03.08.2007
Parks Gardens N an Audrey Hepburn Cafe 02.08.2007
The Beers Noodles N Temples Adventure Continues 02.08.2007
Hua Tuo Temple N I Look Like Pierce Brosnan 31.07.2007
Mate, What an Ancient Facade! 30.07.2007
Wei Wudi Minority Peoples N a Tomb Labyrinth 29.07.2007
The Hands of Time Took Her From Me N Me to Bozhou 28.07.2007
Fan Ta Pagoda N An Evening On Lovers Bridge 27.07.2007
When Buses Become Trees N Gravy For Breakfast 26.07.2007
Overgrown City Walls BBQ N a Beautiful Girl 25.07.2007
Beers Noodles Temples N A Girl Named Amigo! 24.07.2007
An Ancient City of Floods N Night Markets 23.07.2007
Song Shan N the Shaolin Kung Fu Monastery 22.07.2007
The Longmen Caves N Guanlin Si N Tragedy Strikes 21.07.2007
The First Buddhist Temple in China N The Old City 20.07.2007
The Beers Noodles N Temples Adventure Begins 19.07.2007
Brainz Brainz, I've Come To Eat Your Brainz! 18.07.2007
Mate, it's Summer Break N This Weathers Insane 25.06.2007
The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 18.06.2007
Fujian's Wuyi Shan - My Second Days Adventures 16.06.2007
Fujian's Wuyi Shan - My First Days Adventures 15.06.2007
Fujian's Wuyi Shan - Prices and Details 14.06.2007
Christine or Cybil or Both 08.06.2007
A Bad Beginning Only Means a Better Ending 07.06.2007
Exam Time, Bus Patience N an Ancient Village 06.06.2007
Happy Birthday Candy N the Aussie Village BikeRide 01.06.2007
International Children's Day in China 31.05.2007
Village N Temple Bike Ride Second Leg 29.05.2007
Bugs Slugs N a Wonderful Weekend 26.05.2007
The Yunnan Snow Mountain Minority Peoples Evening 22.05.2007
Mate Whats Been Happening N A Quick Catchup 21.05.2007
The Chinese Old Quater N Futuristic Pudong 05.05.2007
The Shanghai Museum N Bazaar Adventure 04.05.2007
The Shanghai Sandal Temple Adventure 03.05.2007
The French Concession Is Enough To Bake Your Bread 02.05.2007
The Bund Area N Nanjing Road...Crazi Stoopid Idea! 01.05.2007
A Few Words For Ya..Bugger Computers N To Shanghai 30.04.2007
Its Time To See All Her Faces For Myself 24.04.2007
The Tian Chen Valley N Broken Bowl River Adventure 14.04.2007
The Great Aussie Easter Care Package 09.04.2007
Playing In Marys Colourful Village Fields 08.04.2007
The Bumpy Road to the Ancient Town of Heping 30.03.2007
MMMmmm Those Great Northern Noodles 29.03.2007
My Daily Village N Temple Bike Ride 28.03.2007
Dining With Chickens at My Feet in a Small Village 17.03.2007
The Second Great Aussie Care Package 15.03.2007
Womens Day Celebrations 07.03.2007
The Spring Festival Ends With The Lantern Festival 03.03.2007
This Beers for You...In Memory of Billy Thorpe 27.02.2007
An Adventure to Sunchang Town N Huayang Shan 21.02.2007
Spring Festival Lunch in a Beautiful Village 18.02.2007
Chinese New Year N Spring Festival Information 17.02.2007
One Rainy Night In Fuzhou 15.02.2007
Xiamen: My Songs Sung and Bus Ticket Out 14.02.2007
Valentines Day In Beautiful Xiamen 13.02.2007
Xiamen and Full Scale Spring Festival Wrath 12.02.2007
The Ancient Granite Walled City of Chongwu 11.02.2007
Quanzhou: East Lake Park N Qingyuan Mountain' 10.02.2007
Quanzhou: Zhongshan Road N Around Town Temple Tour 09.02.2007
Quanzhou: The Ancient Mosque Walk 08.02.2007
Xiamen Uni Campus N Watching Taillights Fade 07.02.2007
Xiamen: A Day N Night full of Beautiful Song 06.02.2007
Yongding: A Day in the Hakka Hukeng Village 05.02.2007
Yongding: Hakka Minority Buildings N Village Info 04.02.2007
Yongding: Hakka Minority Peoples 'Earth Buildings' 04.02.2007
Xiamen: Botanical Gardens and a Beautiful Song 03.02.2007
Xiamen: Gulang Yu. Is This Really China! 02.02.2007
Xiamen: Brazilian BBQ N Underwater World 01.02.2007
Xiamen: Taiwan Cruise N Nanputo Temple 31.01.2007
Xiamen: A Beautiful Day On Gulang Yu 30.01.2007
Xiamen City: Speed Boats N Back Streets 29.01.2007
It's Winter Break Mate and the Packs Packed! 27.01.2007
Happy Australia Day To All My Friends N Family 25.01.2007
The Search For The Ancient Mosque 07.01.2007
A Picnic N A Walk With High School Friends 06.01.2007
Back In The Fields N The Russian Orchestra 05.01.2007
Christmas In China Mate, I Even Went to Church 24.12.2006
Anyone Want a Chinese Burn For Christmas 24.12.2006
A Beautiful Mountain N The Alleys Of The Old Town 23.12.2006
A Walk Through The Old River Quater...BEAUTIFUL! 22.12.2006
The City So Far...Beautiful! 19.12.2006
Good Bye Freezing Gansu Hello Green N Lush Fujian 16.12.2006
Thank You To The Super Crew 15.12.2006
The Last Of The Freezing Snow Shots From Baiyin 14.12.2006
A Selection Of Sad Good Bye Dinner Shots 13.12.2006
A Sad Goodbye to Beautiful Teachers and Students 12.12.2006
The Desert Adventure Is Over - Surprise to Me! 06.12.2006
The New Danger 27.11.2006
A New Warmth For The Freezing Cold 25.11.2006
Did I ever tell you that I HATE HATE HATE SNOW! 14.11.2006
The Great Southern Corn Ride Part 2 10.11.2006
Lets face it mate, English is a real bugger! 05.11.2006
The Northwestern Bike Ride to Nowhere 03.11.2006
The Great Southern Corn Bike Ride 27.10.2006
Celebrating My Second Birthday in China 11.10.2006
A Construction View from The Peoples Square 06.10.2006
Owww Maaan, the Moon Cakes are back! 05.10.2006
A Ride Through The North Eastern Hills N Back 04.10.2006
Back in Five. Just Goin For a Bowl of Noodles 03.10.2006
The Dirty Industrial Polluted Outskirts of Baiyin 02.10.2006
Maaaaaate, Happy 57th Birthday to China 30.09.2006
The Bike Ride to Si Long N My Time 23.09.2006
Mate, Mans NOT a Camel! 13.09.2006
Twin Tubs, Noodles N Beers To Ya 01.09.2006
What Would You Do If Your Partner..... 31.08.2006
A Quick Catchup N My New Challenge 30.08.2006
My New Abode N Whats Within Five Mintues Walk 27.08.2006
Mate, I HAVE TO get out of Salems Lot 25.08.2006
Another Night is Day is Night is Day..whatever! 24.08.2006
A Quiet Walk Around Town - not a beer in sight! 23.08.2006
The Return to Salems Lot N Asia Fantasia 22.08.2006
The Loooong Train Journey to Gulin 20.08.2006
The Big Goose Pagoda 19.08.2006
The Terracotta Warriors AGAIN! 18.08.2006
Little Goose Pagoda N The History Museum 17.08.2006
Walked To The North South East and West Gates 16.08.2006
The Train to The Walled City of Xi'an 15.08.2006
Back to West Lanzhou 14.08.2006
The Supermarket On The Edge Of The Desert 13.08.2006
To Teach or Not To Teach 12.08.2006
Breads N Noodles To You 11.08.2006
Skullcaps and Noodle Eating Notherners 10.08.2006
Da da da da The Lama Factory 09.08.2006
Langmusi N Xiahe Where The Foreigners Never Cease 08.08.2006
Runs Forest Runs 07.08.2006
John Holmes Knocking at My Back Door 06.08.2006
Ice Mountain Horse Trek..Day 3 Please Take Me Home 05.08.2006
Ice Mountain Trek N a Very BAD Mistake 04.08.2006
Ice Mountain Horse Trek...Yahoooooooo For Day 1 03.08.2006
Pack Down Sizing N Horse Trekkin Packing List 02.08.2006
Songpan Is As It Sounds...Extremely Beautiful 01.08.2006
Walking Jinnin N Qingyang Districts 31.07.2006
A Relaxing Day at Qingcheng Shan 30.07.2006
Giant Pandas...How Cute Are They! 29.07.2006
The Dirtiest Mall N The Awesome Sichuan Opera 28.07.2006
Playing Ping Pong At The Temple N Horrid Karaoke 27.07.2006
Bugger! Back To The 'No Foreigners Allowed' Thing 26.07.2006
Emei Shan...To Climb or Not To Climb 25.07.2006
Emei Shan...Chinas No:1 Sacred Expensive Mountain 24.07.2006
The Worlds Biggest Buddha...Hes a Big Bugger! 23.07.2006
How Good Is Ya'ans Customer Service (busto Leshan) 22.07.2006
Jinfeng Temple N The Looooooooong Walk Home 21.07.2006
Bifeng Gorge N Giant Panda Research Centre 20.07.2006
The New 'Ancient' Town, Every Chinese Town Has One 19.07.2006
Ya'an..It's Great To Be Back Amongs Chinese Girls 18.07.2006
Beautiful Views From Kandings Paoma Shan 17.07.2006
Kangding...What a Beautiful Suprise 16.07.2006
Litang...Are They The Worlds Last Cowboys? 15.07.2006
Xiangchengs Beautiful Monestary N no Bus or Ticket 15.07.2006
The Chinese Himalayas - The Sichuan Tibet Highway 13.07.2006
STILL Back In Zhongdian! 12.07.2006
Let The Adventure Begin! Back in Zhongdian! 11.07.2006
A Day And Night With Two Happy Israely Girls 10.07.2006
Back in Beautiful Dali 09.07.2006
Smokey Disco Sleeper Train to Kunming 08.07.2006
Salems Lot to Guilin to Nanning 07.07.2006
An Sleepy Electric Scooter Day 06.07.2006
A Day In The Hidden Valley 05.07.2006
Back In Yangshuo - When Night Is Day 04.07.2006
The Special Moment When It All Comes Together 30.06.2006
A Simple Answer, Yes OR No. Is It So Hard? 29.06.2006
World Cup 2006: What Does 12:00am Mean To You? 19.06.2006
Do You Spit or Swallow 18.06.2006
World Cup 2006 in Tianyang - Australia Vs Japan 12.06.2006
Beers N The World Cup 2006 in Baise City 10.06.2006
Childrens Day Celebrations 2006 31.05.2006
The Totel Hotel...Where Beer Meets Rock! 25.05.2006
Yippeeee, I Made It To The Travelpod Newsletter! 25.05.2006
Bloody Beautiful Mate BUT NOT for the Queezy 23.05.2006
MOTHERS DAY forgotten in Nanning. Sorry Mum! 13.05.2006
My Bikes First Service 10.05.2006
The Good Ol' Aussie Carepackage Mate 09.05.2006
Chinese/Vietnam Border Adventure 06.05.2006
World Vision, Plucking Chickens N Pigs Blood Snags 24.04.2006
Living Amongst The Frozen Moments In Time 20.04.2006
Relaxing N Window Shopping N Eating Snails 15.04.2006
Big City Lights of Nanning 08.04.2006
Gan Zhuang Shan Festival (Zhuang Minority Peoples) 03.04.2006
It's FESTIVAL Time in Tianyang 02.04.2006
From The Edmonton Journal: Travelpod.com 31.03.2006
From The Edmonton Journal: My Fav Travelpodder 31.03.2006
Foreigners Weekend In Little Tianyang. FREAKY! 25.03.2006
BBQ with Beautiful N Grandpas Golden Smile 18.03.2006
Party Weekend in Baise 11.03.2006
Happy Women's Day 07.03.2006
Winter Break Is At An End 15.02.2006
The Night Train To Guangxi 14.02.2006
Yippee, It's The Disco Sleeper Bus 13.02.2006
Lantern Festival N Spring Festival Closes 12.02.2006
Sick As A Freakin Dog Mate 10.02.2006
Bike Ride N The Wee Scottish Lassie 08.02.2006
New Sturdy Steeds N The Minorities Park (Don't Go) 06.02.2006
The Mud Map N Memory Sticks 05.02.2006
Sanchahe Nature Reserve 04.02.2006
Walks, Thailand Tee Shirts N Grandmas Quilt 02.02.2006
Manting Park, More Wet N Wild Women 01.02.2006
You'd Take Her Home But Not Giver Her Your Number 31.01.2006
Damenlong, A Place In Paradise (Gung Gung) 29.01.2006
Menghai, Menghun, Mangshao, Nanluoshan N Gasa 28.01.2006
My Second CHINESE NEW YEAR In Jinghong 27.01.2006
Mengla Market Place N Walk 26.01.2006
Mengla Bupan Aerial Skyway N Corona Beer Found 24.01.2006
Menglun Tropical Gardens N The Stone Forest 22.01.2006
Bike Ride to Ganlanba N Wild Wet Women 21.01.2006
Mandian Waterfalls N Chinas Greatest BBQ 20.01.2006
Rafting The Mekong River to Ganlanba 19.01.2006
Jinghong Botanical Gardens 17.01.2006
Smoky Disco Sleeper Bus from Kunming to Jinghong 16.01.2006
Winter Break, The Sleeper Train To Kumning 15.01.2006
'Seeya Mate' Parties to Kylie N Leeanne 06.01.2006
Lets Welcome in 2006 in Guigang China 31.12.2005
Childrens Hobby Afternoon at School 27.12.2005
Santa also visits Kunming 24.12.2005
Christmas Blackboard Day with the kids 21.12.2005
Baise Christmas Party 15.12.2005
The Aussie Xmas Tree 01.12.2005
Here for another year in little Tianyang 30.11.2005
Jingxi and The Beautiful Villages 24.11.2005
Parent Teacher Night and The English Corner Theme 22.11.2005
Baise Weekend With The Aussie Gals 18.11.2005
Another Night At The Market Place 05.11.2005
Guigang English Teachers BBQ N Beer Weekend 04.11.2005
The World We Live In...who are we really? 31.10.2005
Nanning South East Asian Food Festival 22.10.2005
Lingyun National Week Holiday 03.10.2005
Why does beer have to weigh so much? 01.10.2005
Freaky English Names and Evil Biajio! 26.09.2005
Happy Mid Autumn Festival To You All 17.09.2005
Teachers Day 09.09.2005
Happy Birthday Lilly and my return to school 04.09.2005
In With The Pigs 02.09.2005
Tianyang Return - Bad Day - INTERNET HACKER 27.08.2005
Kunming Again (Summer Break) 26.08.2005
Zhongdian (Shangrila) (Summer Break) 24.08.2005
Mingyong (Glacier) Adventure (Summer Break) 22.08.2005
Deqin (Shangrila) Adventure (Summer Break) 21.08.2005
Zhongdian (Shangrila) Adventure (Summer Break) 18.08.2005
Tiger Leaping Gorge (Summer Break) 15.08.2005
Qiaotou (Chitou) Adventure (Summer Break) 14.08.2005
Lijiang Adventure (Summer Break) 09.08.2005
Dali Adventure (Summer Break) 04.08.2005
Kunming Adventure (Summer Break) 02.08.2005
Always Back in Yangshuo (Summer Break) 27.07.2005
Ping'an Adventure (Summer Break) 25.07.2005
Guilin Adventure (Summer Break) 22.07.2005
Beihai Adventure (Summer Break) 17.07.2005
Nanning Adventure (Summer Break) 16.07.2005
Down to my last 3 Aussie Dollars! 15.07.2005
Pingguo (Ping Gor) (Summer Break) 14.07.2005
A Typical Lunch Time at Kinder 11.07.2005
Childrens Day at School 31.05.2005
Childrens Day Eve Celebrations 30.05.2005
Tianyang Return (May Break) 08.05.2005
Pingguo (May Day Break) 04.05.2005
Lingyun (May Day Break) 03.05.2005
Gunden (May Day Break) 02.05.2005
Hor Mai (May Day Break) 01.05.2005
Loyer or Leye (May Day Break) 30.04.2005
Little Star English School Weekend 23.04.2005
Where is that Damn Cat!.....nice with Lemon Sauce! 18.03.2005
English Corners A Hoot 08.03.2005
Womens Day Celebrations 08.03.2005
Teachers Wedding 03.03.2005
THIS IS MY TIANYANG - read for details 26.02.2005
Tianyang Arrival 24.02.2005
Guilin N Yangshuo 18.02.2005
Victorias Melbourne - The Greatest City On Earth 12.02.2005
The Gold Coast (Seeya Later Mate) 11.02.2005
Why In The World Would You Choose China? 10.02.2005
Writing a Travelblog Eddakath Style 12.01.2005
Thankfully it's a WIKI World Out There My Friends 11.01.2005
Wonderful WELCOME MAT Moments: Shaanxi Province 05.01.2005
Wonderful WELCOME MAT Moments: Fujian Province 04.01.2005
Wonderful WELCOME MAT Moments: Sichuan N Gansu 03.01.2005
Wonderful WELCOME MAT Moments: Guangxi N Yunnan 02.01.2005
Teaching In China: The Run Down N Other Info 01.01.2005
G'Day Mate, its THE GREAT WELCOME MAT OF CHINA 31.12.2004
Northern Queensland (Cairns etc) - Photos Only 30.04.2004
Sunshine Coast - used for photos only 31.03.2004
Brisbane Area - Photos Only 29.02.2004
Gold Coast and Tweed Coast - used for photos only 31.01.2004
Byron and Tweed Coasts - used for photos only 31.12.2003
Sydney and New South Wales - Photos Only 30.04.2003
Canberra and ACT - Photos Only 31.03.2003
Adelaide and South Australia - Photos Only 28.02.2003
Hobart and Tasmania - Photos Only 31.01.2003
Melbourne and Victoria - Photos Only 31.12.2002
Melbourne 31.07.2000
Sydney 31.07.2000
Singapore 30.07.2000
Copenhagen 29.07.2000
Stavanger 04.06.2000
Oslo 31.05.2000
Stockholm 29.05.2000
Nykoping 27.05.2000
Stockholm 24.05.2000
Helsinki 16.05.2000
Tallinn 14.05.2000
Helsinki 03.05.2000
St Pertersburg 30.04.2000
Beer Blood Pistols N Vodka 26.04.2000
I Don't Believe You 26.04.2000
Feeling Unwelcome in Irkutsk 22.04.2000
Polny! Ice Fishing N Lake Baikal 17.04.2000
YOU Can Enter Russia, If I Return Your Passport 15.04.2000
Towns N Kilometers N Small Bits of Info 14.04.2000
The Trans Mongolian Mate! 13.04.2000
Seoul Return 12.04.2000
Sorakson National Park 11.04.2000
Samch'ok 10.04.2000
Sokch'o 08.04.2000
Kyongju 06.04.2000
Kochiang, where is Kochiang 05.04.2000
Wando 04.04.2000
The Haenyo Women, Manjanggul Lava Cave N Sea-Food 27.03.2000
Abalone , An Historical Village N Changbang Falls 26.03.2000
A Beautiful Hawaiian Girl From Korea! 25.03.2000
Burial Mnds, Phrase Books N Tampons over Rice Wine 24.03.2000
Internal N External Storms! 22.03.2000
Tree Planting, Traditional Dinners, Discos N BLAR! 21.03.2000
Kimchee N Rice Wine Will Eat You From The Inside 20.03.2000
Many American Soldiers N Parks N Markets 19.03.2000
Seouls Palaces, Walks, Tea Houses N Damn Chili! 16.03.2000
Crossing the Line and going North....a few steps! 15.03.2000
A City Beaneath The City N Respect For Others 12.03.2000
Beers N Cheers and Down Sizing Back Packs 10.03.2000
From a Beautiful Anna to a Wild Scotsman 07.03.2000
Feet Burning N the Totaiji Temples O-Mizutori Fest 04.03.2000
Bobbing Boats, Dying Feet N Perfect Weather 03.03.2000
The Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Set N Boat Bobbing! 02.03.2000
The Perfect Island, Weather, Noodles N Olives 01.03.2000
A Stunning Train Ride to a Hostel With a View 29.02.2000
A Night at 'The Big One' Japanese Capsule Hotel 28.02.2000
Multi-Skilling in Miyazaki 27.02.2000
The Volcano Is Going To Go Off! Right Stoopid! 26.02.2000
Anna! Anna Look! It's a Real Smoking Volcano! 25.02.2000
Black Steaming Sand Baths N a Romantic Birthday 24.02.2000
A Beautiful Sweedish Girl Peace Parks N ToriArches 23.02.2000
Cable Cars N Feelin Like a Complete Dick! 22.02.2000
It Was No Walk In The Peace Park Baby 21.02.2000
Warm Cocoons Japanese Alps N The Manga Mega Store 20.02.2000
Snow Pizza The Fugees Beer and Funkinout 19.02.2000
Nara The Beautiful! The Deers Are Ugly Though! 18.02.2000
Orange N Red, Temples N Shrines, Ancient N New 17.02.2000
Immigration Staff Booked Hostels N Wonderful Kyoto 14.02.2000
How big was it? Maaate, it was this big! 11.02.2000
From The Ancient Capital To The Latest Capital 10.02.2000
WOW it's The Army Of Terracotta Warriors 08.02.2000
Bell Towers Markets Dumplings and a Family 07.02.2000
A Dai Peoples Wedding N Chinese New Year IN CHINA! 04.02.2000
Dai Villages Dai Pagodas N Beautiful Dai Girls 02.02.2000
The Stir Fry Bus Ride From Wokking Hell 31.01.2000
Wonderfully White Kunming 30.01.2000
The Train Journey That Dreams Are Made Of! 29.01.2000
Is It a Cold or a Hangover? I'm Sure It's a Cold! 28.01.2000
I Never Thought To Simply Change My Plans! 26.01.2000
Too Much Beer N Not Enough Exercise 25.01.2000
Still Drunk N Stranded Here In Yangshuo 24.01.2000
No English School N a Huge Aussie Feast 23.01.2000
Moon Hill N the Village Rice Field Bike Ride 22.01.2000
Freakin Station Staff N Closed Windows 21.01.2000
That Special Moment in Life ThatAllows Your Future 20.01.2000
Boarder Crossings, Birthdays N Local Dinners 19.01.2000
Solo Style and Last Drinks in Vietnam 16.01.2000
My Heart Was That Lone Bell For I Was Alone 15.01.2000
Her Depature Was Coming Too Fast 07.01.2000
Found Beneath a Forever Overcast Sky Is... 05.01.2000
She Paddled The Boat With Her Feet 04.01.2000
The Days Colour Faded In Ninh Binh 03.01.2000
So Many Warm N Welcoming Smiles From The Hill Trib 02.01.2000
Bamboo Long Houses N Heavy Machinery 01.01.2000
Uncle Ho N The Water Puppets 31.12.1999
The Y2K Bug N The Simplest of Cities 30.12.1999
The Purple City...Where is it? 29.12.1999
Marble Mountain N Sewing Circles 28.12.1999
Look!Theres Fido! Where? In sections on the table 27.12.1999
Mate, shes a bloody beauty of a place to kick back 26.12.1999
The North Coast N Soul Searching 25.12.1999
Pills N Seafood N CHRISTMAS Cheer 24.12.1999
Big Chickens N Full of Good Cheer At The Beach 23.12.1999
Mad Monks N Crazy Houses 22.12.1999
Won Tons N Breadsticks 21.12.1999
Baby Fetuses N The Pissing Wall 20.12.1999
Cu Chi Tunnels N Gaodai Great Temple 19.12.1999
My Thoughts On Tours N Tour Groups 18.12.1999
Hoi Chi Minh City or Siagon Baby 17.12.1999
Bangkok, The First Steps In My Dream 15.12.1999
Visas N Sub Conscious Changes 09.12.1999
G'day Mate Your at the WORLD WELCOME MAT! 01.12.1999
The Comfort Zone That Life Becomes 01.12.1999