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My Stomach Vs Me

Just when One thought,
HHHmmm, life is so cool!
What more do I need.

Then ones appetite speaks for itself.
Hotpot, I neeeeeeeeeeeed hotpot!

There , there little stomach.
Hotpot is for the gatherings or masses.

My Stomach:. No it's not.
Me: yes it is.

My Stomach: go down stairs, walk eight steps, turn left, walk one step.

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Celebrating 'Mid Autumn Festival', my Kinders style!

IMG_20180921_161644.jpg IMG_20180921_161803.jpg IMG_20180921_161823.jpg IMG_20180921_161911.jpg IMG_20180921_161922.jpg IMG_20180921_162049.jpg IMG_20180921_162306.jpg IMG_20180921_163855.jpg IMG_20180921_163918.jpg IMG_20180921_164050.jpg IMG_20180921_165942.jpg EBF8AFA1D8883962FBF21D795D733FC8.jpg IMG_20180921_170818.jpg IMG_20180921_181734.jpg IMG_20180921_181801.jpg EBE8DBA894D9A1EC3C750C0072DA0E47.jpg IMG_20180921_182725.jpg IMG_20180921_181918.jpg IMG_20180921_181900.jpg IMG_20180921_182150.jpg IMG_20180921_182347.jpg IMG_20180921_182405.jpg IMG_20180921_182707.jpg IMG_20180921_182823.jpg IMG_20180921_183134.jpg EBC7D6C6BA70519962E6535C381FD85B.jpg EBC6F66EA0387335AE5B229EC146380E.jpg IMG_20180921_183322.jpg IMG_20180921_183536.jpg IMG_20180921_183606.jpg IMG_20180921_183831.jpg IMG_20180921_183917.jpg IMG_20180921_184254.jpg EBA9E8759ABC3EC14C23A968D63F4B3F.jpg

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Dining Western Style

G'Day N how are ya maaaate?

After four classes I arrived at my 5th.
My favourite in my new school.
'Elite 4' absolutely ROCK!
They are farking.....

So, I turned up to class to find my students lined up in the hallway linked arm in arm, boy girl, boy girl as far as I could see.

I was then told we were to teach 'Western Etiquette'.

Cool for me.
Finally good food.

This school.. delicious food for the paying students. But exceptionally bad and shite food for the teachers. I'm serious! Unlike my last school where ALL teachers ate together,

Simply because the chef was amazing!
Everyday the lunch was so delicious.

In this canteen, it's like the chef doesn't want to cook anymore. So he cooks the most Shit food hoping that tomorrow he won't have to cook for teachers anymore.

Yes, it is not good, it's bad!
All teachers bring their own food.
I haven't cooked in 13 years. Not starting!

Buuuuut any how.
On Friday, he showed his craft.

The food was amazing. The steak cooked to perfection. The spaghetti was soft, no hard bits to be found and it didn't taste watery.

I taught the children how to hold a knife and fork. In your hand, 1st finger (mummy finger) to push down the top of both. Then I taught them the spaghetti twirl. Don't just lap it up, point your fork down into the forest of noodles .........

........ And then ........ Twirl!


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A Walking Around Catch-up after two years Away

IMG_20180819_231825.jpg IMG_20180824_183757.jpg IMG_20180824_184950.jpg IMG_20180824_191517.jpg IMG_20180824_191544.jpg IMG_20180824_204323.jpg IMG_20180824_215742.jpg IMG_20180824_215941.jpg IMG_20180901_085833.jpg ABD6DF41A737B6D45211FB9C8B85E2A9.jpg IMG_20180901_090101.jpg IMG_20180901_091802.jpg ABD6DF41A737B6D45211FB9C8B85E2A9.jpg IMG_20180901_090101.jpg IMG_20180901_091802.jpg IMG_20180901_101035.jpg IMG_20180901_101108.jpg IMG_20180901_215348.jpg IMG_20180901_221858.jpg ABA6DCDAB6200766DCFD24E8DC23622C.jpg IMG_20180902_135859.jpg AB981FB005BD3F9D64EB39F169A9F3A9.jpg AB945EDEB29564126545573B2F3C9DE6.jpg IMG_20180902_142842.jpg AB8A2F66BEA43DC7223D1EDED7305899.jpg IMG_20180902_143014.jpg IMG_20180902_143328.jpg IMG_20180902_143557.jpg AB77C08CD530371DD4570FB0A07244FE.jpg

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Many new teachers ask, where have you taught?

IMG_20180908_161212.jpg O IMG_20180908_155323.jpg k IMG_20180908_170346.jpg , 69738825990D64CF70692E384E4FE0AD.jpg IMG_20180905_171750.jpg I've had many friends ask, where have you taught before... So here it is:

1st: Tianyang town in Guangxi Province. Tiny rural farming town. I loved it so much.. 2 years.

2nd: Baiyin city in Gansu Province. Hmmmmmnnnn! Loved the school but being a bike rider... No grass , no trees is no me. 6 months.

3rd: Shaowu town in Fujian Province. My most favourite place in China. 40 minutes by bus from Wuyishan. My god! And riding in the farming lands, five minutes from my home! 1.5 years

4th: Shangluo town in the Qing Ling Mountains in Shaanxi Province. An awesome tiny Mountain town. 2years.

5th: Hanzhong city in Shaanxi Province. Disliked the school, the leaders which made me dislike the city. 6months.

6th: Shaowu town, Fujian Province. I went back for 1 more year. Love this town!

7th: Shangrao city, Jiangxi Province. I loved this little city very much. 1 year.

8th: Dexing town, Jiangxi Province. OMG! The most wonderful little place in China. So amazing for bike riding and the food... Yeah! 2years.

9th: Huai'An city, Jiangsu Province. AMAZING! I loved my students, taught Grades 1 to 6, 50 students in total but the school leaders were horrible. 2 years.

10th: Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province. Love the city, but not my thing. Far too big. I stayed because it is my most favourite school in all of my time in China. AMAZINGLY OUTSTANDING!

11th:. Huai'An city, Jiangsu Province. I returned because I live this little city so much. I'm teaching in the most wonderful kindergarten and I am extremely happy.

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