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Many new teachers ask, where have you taught?

IMG_20180908_161212.jpg O IMG_20180908_155323.jpg k IMG_20180908_170346.jpg , 69738825990D64CF70692E384E4FE0AD.jpg IMG_20180905_171750.jpg I've had many friends ask, where have you taught before... So here it is:

1st: Tianyang town in Guangxi Province. Tiny rural farming town. I loved it so much.. 2 years.

2nd: Baiyin city in Gansu Province. Hmmmmmnnnn! Loved the school but being a bike rider... No grass , no trees is no me. 6 months.

3rd: Shaowu town in Fujian Province. My most favourite place in China. 40 minutes by bus from Wuyishan. My god! And riding in the farming lands, five minutes from my home! 1.5 years

4th: Shangluo town in the Qing Ling Mountains in Shaanxi Province. An awesome tiny Mountain town. 2years.

5th: Hanzhong city in Shaanxi Province. Disliked the school, the leaders which made me dislike the city. 6months.

6th: Shaowu town, Fujian Province. I went back for 1 more year. Love this town!

7th: Shangrao city, Jiangxi Province. I loved this little city very much. 1 year.

8th: Dexing town, Jiangxi Province. OMG! The most wonderful little place in China. So amazing for bike riding and the food... Yeah! 2years.

9th: Huai'An city, Jiangsu Province. AMAZING! I loved my students, taught Grades 1 to 6, 50 students in total but the school leaders were horrible. 2 years.

10th: Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province. Love the city, but not my thing. Far too big. I stayed because it is my most favourite school in all of my time in China. AMAZINGLY OUTSTANDING!

11th:. Huai'An city, Jiangsu Province. I returned because I live this little city so much. I'm teaching in the most wonderful kindergarten and I am extremely happy.

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Welcome To Shanghai Road Food Street, My Home!

I'm back!

Back in the China that I love so much and spent over a decade living in.
Organised chaos!

Welcome to Shanghai Road!

When I lived in Huai'An 4 years ago (for 2 years), lived in a tiny community 45 minutes by bus from the city so I didn't come here often. But when I did stay for a weekend I'd always walk and eat here.

Only a few minutes from the city centre can be found this amazingly vibrant little 2km road.

Filled to to brim with little eateries and as small as it is, it can take over a minute just to cross it due to the amount if ebikes/scooters buzzing by.

Easily one of my MOST favourite roads in China.....BUT.....I never thought I'd actually live on Shanghai Road.

When I decided to return to Huai'An, Bruce (my street side BBQ & beer buddy... Also my boss who lives 3 minutes away) asked me....

Where do you want to live?
There was only one answer.

It took three weeks, but now I live down a little ally way with a street side fruit shop at the bottom of the stairs from my apartment.
I teach at the most amazing 'childrens playground' kindergarten and as if today I now live in a small ally way just off ....

Shanghai Road!

IMG_20180908_154255.jpg IMG_20180908_154302.jpg IMG_20180908_154534.jpg 6A31AA12914366DA46B89F54BB66D67B.jpg IMG_20180908_154700.jpg IMG_20180908_154551.jpg IMG_20180908_154754.jpg 6A258645AF1660B3F364E1F36203BA36.jpg IMG_20180908_154846.jpg IMG_20180908_155323.jpg IMG_20180908_155405.jpg IMG_20180908_155725.jpg IMG_20180908_160257.jpg IMG_20180908_160919.jpg IMG_20180908_161029.jpg IMG_20180908_161212.jpg IMG_20180908_161421.jpg IMG_20180908_161908.jpg IMG_20180908_162014.jpg IMG_20180908_162427.jpg IMG_20180908_164111.jpg IMG_20180908_164203.jpg IMG_20180908_165025.jpg IMG_20180908_170206.jpg IMG_20180908_170346.jpg IMG_20180908_172339.jpg IMG_20180908_172751.jpg IMG_20180908_223327.jpg IMG_20180908_223327.jpg 69F546FACB58252CC8C8371584F94805.jpg 69F0F1AAA493E9CF17C0F741670AABD9.jpg IMG_20180908_223505.jpg

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The Playground is my Workplace

IMG_20180905_172132.jpg699EE880B6725987815E6747118C659E.jpgIMG_20180905_171750.jpgIMG_20180905_171658.jpgIMG_20180905_171451.jpgIMG_20180905_171346.jpg69827D44F643EE4C47D8DC08FFE0D9BE.jpgIMG_20180905_171212.jpgIMG_20180905_171150.jpg69738825990D64CF70692E384E4FE0AD.jpgIMG_20180905_170851.jpg696B6831F1437D7706F38071B47F2D8D.jpgIMG_20180905_170704.jpgIMG_20180905_170653.jpgIMG_20180905_170633.jpgIMG_20180905_170622.jpgIMG_20180905_171610.jpgIMG_20180905_171412.jpgIMG_20180905_171035.jpgIMG_20180905_170950.jpgIMG_20180905_171919.jpgIMG_20180905_171259.jpgIMG_20180905_170753.jpgIMG_20180905_172108.jpgThe playground is my workplace!

Believe it or not, after school most students and parents and friends remain on the school grounds for the next hour or two.

Between the schools front gate and the school buildings lays a huge giant playground where the students play and the families and friends lay down picnic blankets and relax with snacks.

We have our own train, plane and ferris wheel!
We have little houses everywhere, a hidden valley where the children slide and climb. We have a pirate ship and many 'climby and skids things everywhere.

And guess who gets to do playtime duty.
Um .. fun each a afternoon?
That would be MEEEEEEE!

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Tanabata... from China to Japan back to China.

My Chinese Friends, continue readin

it was both thought of and forgotten.
For a long time.

If you've never been to Japan, you may not be familiar with Tanabata.

So, what is it exactly?

In a nutshell, Tanabata is a Japanese tradition in which people write their wishes on small, colorful strips of papers and hang them on bamboo branches. The Japanese term for these papers is tanzaku. Alternatively, some people also decorate bamboo branches with various kinds of paper decorations and place them outside of their houses.

The way the Japanese make wishes may be unique, but a variety of cultures have customs related to wish making. In the United States and other Western countries, breaking chicken wishbones, throwing pennies into fountains, blowing out birthday candles or on dandelion fluff are just some of the ways said to make a wish come a true.

Tanabata is a different custom, but it is universal in the sense that all people, no matter their country of origin, have hopes and dreams to fulfill.

The Origin of Tanabata

It's said that the origin of Tanabata, which is also known as the Star Festival, dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Its roots are described in an old Chinese tale. According to the tale, once there was a weaver princess named Orihime and a cow herder prince named Hikoboshi living in space. After they got together, they played all the time and began to neglect their work. This angered the king, who separated them on opposite sides of the Amanogawa River (Milky Way) as punishment.

The king relented somewhat and allowed Orihime and Hikoboshi to see each other once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar.

Tanabata literally means the night of the seventh. The Japanese believe that Orihime and Hikoboshi can't see each other if the weather is rainy, so it's customary to pray for good weather on this day and also to make wishes.

Because Tanabata is based on the lunar calendar, when the star festival takes place each year varies. Depending on the region hosting the celebration, Tanabata is celebrated either on July 7 or Aug. 7 in Japan. Many cities and towns in the country hold Tanabata festivals and set colorful displays along the main streets. It's especially fun to walk through the long streamers on the street. In some regions, people light lanterns and float them on the river.

Some float bamboo leaves on the river instead.

mmexport1534526856097.jpg D868C2ACEF30C1E1A1A9CD5AE93FCC8E.jpg

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Its Time to leave...Its Time for a new Adventure

After many good bye dinners, my school put on THE best of the best dinner. This morning I left my most favourite school in 13 years teaching in China.
I caught a train to Nanjing... A huge city I've visited many times before. I put my 'house/back pack that houses my entire belongings' into a locker at the train station and thought, I'll stay a few days.
After a few hours, I realised, I'm leaving a big city because I'm tired of cars and buses, no way to escape. So I went back, grabbed my pack and grabbed a ticket out of there.
Too many people, too much noise.
So now finds me back in my old city of Huai'An in Jiangsu Province. I arrived very late, got a room at my favourite hotel and then went out for street food.
I love old China very much.
People could say NO NO NO.
I haven't cooked for 13 years, I eat out on the street every night... The last two years, that has been difficult...
New area of Ningbo City... Not much street food to be found. But these are a some photos of the last sad week or so in my favourite school with my favourite students ever!

IMG_20180801_101220.jpg IMG_20180727_203351.jpg IMG_20180727_202845.jpg mmexport1533101099780.jpg mmexport1533101088003.jpg mmexport1533101155522.jpg mmexport1533101186252.jpg IMG_20180806_175558.jpg IMG_20180806_175931.jpg IMG_20180806_175956.jpg 73FB4BCAB3B4845B5DA2D933D0CBE8C0.jpg IMG_20180806_181249.jpg IMG_20180806_191638.jpg 73F4975BB1469087941AF9E4856B124F.jpg 73F2CF70A0B64B1E9A9C3A6166D27E90.jpg mmexport1533101220774.jpg

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