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November 2018


Not being Canadian nor American, I had a great Thanksgiving due to my fun with my students. I made a Turkey where we blew the Mayflower ship from England to America. The winner got to add a new feather to the Turkey.
In other classes they painted eggs in a symbol of 'new life and new beginnings'.
Ummmm.... that didn't turn out very well to the American Natives nor the Australian Natives due to the British landing a ship.
I've never taught Australia Day or Thanksgiving in 14 years, but hey, the current populations are now giving back lands and territory to the Native Peoples.
It's at least a start to what we owe them.
I've also added classes where I teach Western Eddiquite... how to use a knife and fork.
We do this once a month.
It's a hard job but someone has to do it!

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Revolver, Eating it Beatles Style

I can finally eat without pain.
Last Thursday... well, the other last last Friday I woke with a huge pain in my top left back tooth. Went to the dentist.. root canal!
Went to Shanghai on Sunday Tuesday morning with pain in my top right back tooth.. Went to the dentist...another root canal.
Wednesday a upper frontal cap fell off.
Not a good week in the tooth department.
I have to go back on Monday afternoon
I've been living on porridge and mush for the past week but tonight, no pain in my mouth so I went down stairs to my favourite eatery here on Shanghai Road.
I call it Revolver (the Beatles & it revolves).
I would eat there more often but it's always frustratingly full.
The owner, I call her Patty, she looked like a Patty, she always makes sure I'm looked after. She is wonderful.
But the frustrating thing is,
It's at bottom of my stairs.
And its ways full.

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