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July 2020

HHHmmm, wrong food Wing Wang!

G'Day Mate,
How areya.

Mmmm Mmmm,.so good last night, I went back for seconds this morning.
But a good endind to a bad start as I went to an eatery I have beem to many times, I pointed and said in Chinese... i want this, this and this.... each food said in Chinese.

Chicken curry with rice, green salad and tomato and egg soup.
easy huh?

As dumbfounded as I was, so was everyone else... a foreigner ordering.. in Chinese... they all stopped to look and listen.
They all understood my order.

I got nothing I ordered,
completely different.

I got chicken bbq sticks, corn porridge, 12 fried dumplings and beef fried rice....I simply walked out..

But she asked me to pay...
That was until the PEOPLE stepped in.
I stayed, said thank you to the people and left.

I then jumped on my ebike and knew where to go!
A small Japanese eatery I found a month or so ago.
Located on Wanda Plaza food and Walking street between several Korean eateries.
(Koean food and Japanese food are both Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge in China).

Japanese honey glazed chicken, Japanese crumbed chicken, both doubled layered, seaweed noodles, sweet sauced salad topped off with seaweed and tofu egg and tomato miso soup.

All for Four Australian dollars.
Great way to begin summer holidays.

Beers N Noodles toya.

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Found A New Set of Stairs... and new Art

G'Day Mate,
How are ya?

So, today on the way to my third morning class I dropped by my favorite class to enjoy some snacks,
also they have a kettle... no boiling water allowed on kinder grounds,
which sucks for tea lovers like me.

But we get around it.

Anyhow, I was walking to my normal set of stairs when I noticed what I thought was a room, hmmmm, what is in there I pondered.
After changing footage direction, upon arrival, I found it housed a stairwell and I also noticed the walls were filled with artwork from students who helped their teachers.

Scroll diown and click on MORE PHOTOS.

After school I dropped by my favourite little Japanese eatery for some honey chicken, crumbed chicken, salad, sea weed and miso soup.

Nice find!
Beers N Noodles toya.

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Our End of Year Performance.... Beeeeeeautiful!

How are ya?

Besides Teachers wall art and Classroom Door Gardens,
What else do we have I can share with you?
Oh, the end of school year performance.

It was a little confusing.

It seems no matter how many schools I teach/have taught in, the same confusion applies.
That would be twelve schools, seven provinces.

For the past week, each class I have been reminded that on Thursday we will have a performance. Cool, looking forward to it, but what time will it begin. No one knew. So on Wednesday I once again tried to find out the time and if I needed to teach classes prior. I went from class to class trying to find an answer and finally I got my answer...which was completly wrong. The answer was I was required to teach a normal days lessons as only two students from each class will be performing.

Cool, I get to continue to have fun with the rest of my students!
Turn up to school on Thursday/Today and was told I needed to meet at 9am HERE to go to the performance.


So, all students and obviously all classes were involved, two students from each class were actually involved in each performance, but the entire Kindergarten was in the schools hall to watch, including all teachers and leaders.

Sometimes it is all Greek to me!
Beers N Noodles toya.

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Beautiful And Ever Changing Classroom Door Gardens

IMG_20200706_141837.jpgIMG_20200706_114523.jpgIMG_20200706_141837.jpgIMG_20200706_141958.jpgIMG_20200706_142126.jpgIMG_20200706_142154.jpgG'Day Mate,

Not only is it wonderful to adventure to and from my classes and either stop or smile as I pass by all of the artwork created by the Chinese teachers but it is an added amazing experience upon arrival.

Each classroom has their own Door Garden.

The students bring seeds or cuttings and the teacher gathers the students to the garden and teaches them about the seed/plant and then explains how to plant/pot it with care.

The students then have a turn.
Beers N Noodles toya.

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Wall Decorations by Kinder Beauties

G'Day Mate,

Almost all of the Chinese schools and Kindergardens walls are covered with the artworks of western artists.
Maybe it is a try hard effect for the parents.

I have walked so many walls, seen the same paintings and sometimes I sat and wondered, are we an English school or that of the arts?
I now walk new walls and find that my new Kinders walls are filled with the artwork of its beautiful teachers.

Here are just a few that decorate the balcony areas outside their classrooms.
It is so refreshing to stop and look at a piece of art and for one of my Chinese teachers to come out and ask if everything is ok.

Yes, but who painted this?
They blush and say...ME!

Beers N Noodles toya

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