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Welcome To My Filthy Xinyang Hotel Room

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day toya Here I sit in Xinyang City. Strangely for me I have seen naught of it. Except for the train station, a small rice eatery and my filthy hotel room! I spent yesterday with Luo Wei watching the Olympics and we then headed out to for a walk around the stores where I got Luo Wei a new top and pants just because she is a Happy Little Peach and she makes me a Happy Peach! Around half past five we said our sad good byes at the Kaifeng train station and I boarded the quarter to six train to Xinyang City. The journey here was very uneventful and thankfully the carriage wasn't packed like the last few train journeys have been. Next to me was a university student and across from us was a short tubby soldier who snored loudly most of the way. It wasn't until we were about twenty minutes from our destination that the uni student introduced himself as Zhuong. He was a student in Zhengzhou Uni and was coming home to Xinyang to visit his parents. We arrived after eleven and just as the rain began. What a real bugger! There is nothing worse than doing the Cheap Hotel Boogie in the freakin rain! Thankfully Zhuong offered to help find me a hotel and at the time I was thankful but the hotel I ended up in and still remain imprisoned in by rain would have to be one of the worst hotels I've stayed in. Not only does it smell but like all cheap Chinese hotels the walls are covered in 'stuff' that is a mixture of food, spit and other 'stuff'. And I took the cleanest room! There are two sitting chairs that simply can't be sat in. Just touching the cloth is like touching the back wall of a fish N chip shop. The ceiling fan is so loud that you can't actually use it when you watch TV as it blocks out all sound. I am right beside the train station and the fan almost blocks out the sound of the trains as they rush on by this almost non-existent stop. After paying for the nights stay Zhuong and I headed across the road for some fried rice and a beer and then back to the room to watch the Olympics. I can't seem to get away from it. Watching it with Luo Wei is so much fun though. She gets so worked up and jumps around like an excited child. Luckily for me she sits and explains it all for me so I know what is going on. Anyhow, I thought Zhuong was heading home but he simply never left.

In the end I went to sleep and he was still sitting there watching TV this morning. When I awoke this morning I jumped out of bed and was ready to head out to find the bus station and make my way to Jigong Shan but a thick blanket of pouring rain was smothering all view of the outside world and my escape from this filth ridden hotel. So here I remain trapped inside whilst the rain continues to pour outside. Being one that never allows rain to ruin a good day I quickly jumped back into my bed of unwashed sheets and between text mails to and from Luo Wei I have slept the day away. Now I can't sleep or hear the TV so I thought I would waste some time telling you all about my boring day. It is times like these I could do with a good hostel common room or bar! Meeting people and talking until the endless hours about past travels and future dreams! I could turn the fan off and have the air-conditioner turned on but that is a waste of time. The owner won't leave the remote and puts it on a half an hour timer and refuses to turn it back on once your half an hour is up. So I guess I had better save my half an hour until it is time to sleep! Beers N Noodles toya.....shane _________________________________________________________ The soundtrack to this entry was by Cold Play The album was 'A Rush of Blood to The Head' __________________________________________________________

Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

Xinyang Crappy Hotel

1-Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

1-Xinyang Crappy Hotel

2-Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

2-Xinyang Crappy Hotel

3-Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

3-Xinyang Crappy Hotel

4-Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

4-Xinyang Crappy Hotel

5-Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

5-Xinyang Crappy Hotel

6-Xinyang  Crappy Hotel

6-Xinyang Crappy Hotel

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