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The Summer Beers N Noodles Adventure Begins

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day toya

So it begins mate!

So it begins!

Thats all....now get back to work...quickly, the boss is looking!

Ha Ha...quick update, I arrived safely, Luo Wei's birthday was a beauty...as usual I've been walking for endless hours each day...today (9th) I went to get my ticket west to Urumqi but ALL sleepers have been sold out for the next ten days and I'm buggered if i'm sitting in a hard seat for 53 to 60 hours! (depending on delays etc)

So I ended up getting a hard seat to Pingyuo City in Shanxi...which is the next Province as i am now in Shaanxi...yeah yeah, looks and sounds the same but one has another 'a'. Pingyuo is a small ancient walled city...very much like a small Xian i guess...dunno, I'll letya know when I get there.

Hopfully I can update my blog as i got this time...I purchased one of those new tiny Notebooks. Cheap as buggery and has a 7 inch screen...I may have to pay a small Chinese to type for me as the keyboard is also tiny...It came with English XP (after a 3 hour wait...I guess you could call that 'sold' with English XP). Now, as it doesn't have a DVD/CD drive I have to find an external drive to load English XP Office.

And how stupid am I (once again)...oh do you want us to put English XP Office on it for you too...nah, I have it on my tiny hard drive. Get it home, plug my tiny hard drive in and wallah, I packed the wrong tiny hard drive Yep, the one i didn't worry about software back ups...why? Becuase I wasn't taking this one travelling. Huh!

GAAAWWWWD its fun being me sometimes. All of us in here party on the inside all the time! Hahaha!

Seriously, the weather is absolutely awesome. Perfect blue sky, fluffy white clouds and no humidity...kinda like being back home in good old Melbourne but without all the taxes, a few months more holidays and affordable travel!

Strangely I can't seem to understand anyone in both places...in Melbourne I was in a legal environment and here I am in a Chinese environment...all sounds the same to me mate!

Simply ask for a bowl of noodles and hope for the best.

Beers N Noodles toya...shane _____________________________________________________________________________

The soundtrack to this entry was by '*^%&$&*^& Wong' The album *&^$%$%.

Seriously, I have no idea what it is that is coming through the speakers. I can barely hear it due to the fact that everyone is shouting into their microphones. I dunno mate, I kind of think it is the same as most things here in crazy, loud and confusing China. If everyone stopped shouting and beeping their horns then everyone could actually hear what is going on.

I seriously don't know if the girl next to me is in labor, having an orgasm or simply having a normal conversation! _______________________________________________________________________________

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