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No English School N a Huge Aussie Feast

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day toya It was an unexpected day both event wise and weather wise.

Instead of being on a bus heading east we spent the entire day doing diaries and drinking coffee in the King Fisher Café in Yangshuo. Yep, you guessed it, the English thing fell through. It seems that there were not enough students to warrant us going. What a complete bugger! We were all pretty let down but hey, shit happens! It's the way it is. So, here I am, still in Yangshuo! Could be in worse places....like 'at work' like all of you! Anyhow, today everyone decided to take off in all directions so that leaves only Shannon and me...and then there were two! The two Aussie girls are still out and about but the original group is finished. I guess tomorrow I will head back into Guilin and try the ticket thing again.

I'm getting pretty fed up with the whole 'grab a mini-van, fight over a price even though you had the same driver the day before, line up, ticket booth window shutting' thing! I really didn't intend on staying in the one place for such a long time. This Spring Festival stuff is a right pain in the butt. I guess that's what happens when you go to another country and have no idea what you're doing! Like I said, I could be in worse places so I shall sit and be happy that I am actually here, living the dream in China! Oh yeah, I chipped my black glasses the other day. I'd say it was my fault for being stupid. I guess 'they' were very cold and when I put them on top of the hot water service whilst showering I guess the cold to hot thing wasn't so good for them. I now have a chip in the top right hand corner near the nose...I can't 'really tell when I have them on so it's cool. My fault for showering after a few beers! Ha HA! Oh yeah, tonight I had dinner with eight other Australians. There was myself, the two Aussie Girls and a group of five traveling as a group. We were all in the same café ad decided to push the tables together and eat as one! Oh, how sweet. It was like being home again. Hopefully it will stop raining so we can head out for another bike ride to the beautiful villages. I love it so much out there. So green and so happy. So tell me, where the hell is the new BURGESS STREET? Where are The Hellacoptors and other bands going to stay Richie? What's happening man! I can't believe the worlds greatest party house is party'd out! I can't believe there is no longer a Burgess Street. Let down, let down! Ha Ha Beers N Cheers to you...shane _________________________ The soundtrack to this entry was a tape...well no, now I'm listening to the MP3 but back when this email was written I was travelling with my Walkman that played 'tapes'. Remember them? Hopefully most will answer yes as they still sell them. It reminds me of when my nephew asked his father; 'Dad, what's a record'? When my brother got one out and showed him the poor buggers jaw dropped. He had no idea what it was used for or what it was. No longer having a record player my brother couldn't even show him. We just had to explain that it had music on it. The look on his face said it all; 'Yeah Right Mate!' Sometimes I forget about all the music format changes I have lived through. I remember buying 'singles' made out of vinyl but now you can download them from the net. Unbelievable! One of the greatest inventions in my lifetime so far would be the MP3 File. How cool is the MP3 File. Now instead of a walkman that could only play one tape/recording I can travel with a 40 gig iPod that holds something like 10,000 'singles'. Oh I forgot the Discman and the 'wave' file. Another great invention. Thanks 'Mother Wave File' for giving birth to 'Baby MP3 File' And now we have the MP4 File...on and on it goes! So maybe really the greatest invention so far 'should' be the Wave File...Digital! Ok, one of my most played 'tapes' on this journey was one of the great live albums ever recorded. At one stage it was estimated that one in every three Australian households had this 'record' or 'tape' somewhere in its collection. The man was and still is Neil Diamond The album was 'Hot August Night' And believe me, it still comes on every adventure with me in the present...not the tape, the MP3!

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