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Happy Australia Day To All My Friends N Family

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day to ya MAAAAAAAAAAATE, I hope and wish that all my fellow Aussies hadda HUGE and HAPPY AUSSIE DAY! I spent a glorious sunny day beneath a huge cloudless blue sky exploring Shaowo. Dinner was spent with some teachers from Daniels school at a Hot Pot eatery dipping assorted foods into our individual Hot Pots, drinking a heap of beer and happily chatting about anything and everything. After dinner we headed back to Daniel and Alexa's pad and spent the evening watching a DVD sent across the big blue by a friend. The DVD is called 'Biffs Bumps and Brawlers 1 & 2' and its nearing four hours of some of the hardest footy from the black and white days until the late 80's when the AFL transformed the game into what it is now, a fast moving athletic money making machine. Believe me, it had my English friends awestruck. I spent 7 years working for the 'AFL Tribunal' as the man who ran the 'Video' side of things and believe me, the present AFL didn't want a lot of this footage released. It's full of collisions as hard as a head on car crash that leave players out cold, broken bones that leave a players limbs as floppy as a rag doll and faces as bloody as a boxers. Amongst all that there is some great footy too. All in all though it is about what Aussie Footy used be like 'sometimes mean and nasty but mainly full of guys as big as bull dozers slammin the shit out of each other! Unlike last years Aussie Day when there was four of us Aussies beerin' it up together, this year I had to make do with what I have around me in my current surroundings. All in all it was an awesome way to spend Australia Day and Night away from home and my fellow Australians. This side of China still hasn't recovered from the earthquake several weeks ago so I couldn't tune into Triple J for the Hottest 100 and that was a real bugger for me. It's also sad to miss the Big Day Out and the huge line up this years had to offer. A bugger for me also is the fact that Australia is on the receiving end of many 80's Thrash Metal bands. Bands like Kreator, Testament, WASP, Sodom and Slayer have played and are yet to play in the near future. But hey...I'm livin an awesome life here is China and have an iPod full of 80's Metal! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY & GETIT INTOYA MATE!

The Aussie Vibes to tonights entry were provided by several Aussie bands that I miss dearly:

Sydneys 'Def FX'. Sadly not around anymore but mate, what an awesome sound! Download and getem intoya!

Sydneys 'Astroid B612'. One of the Aussie Greats Mate! Download em and you'll never look back!

Melbournes 'Underground Lovers'. Probably the greatest band ever! If you want a wishy washy panaramic experience to Melbournes music scene, this is the band for you. Especially for those of you who got into the 'English Guitar Scene' or those who adore Depeche Mode'. I seriously can't put into words the feelings this band can give you.

Melbournes 'Rose Tattoo'. Mate, street rock and slide guitar at Aussies Best. Ya can't go past these guys!

Sydneys 'The Splatter Heads'. Full of blood and awesome 80's/90's pub sounds. WIKKED stuff!

Tassies 'Mustang'. Go Baby Go Baby Go Baby GO! Stoney, mate your the greatest!

Melbournes 'The Fuck Fucks'. What can I say, grab a frozen chicken or a watermelon and GO FOR IT! No, I won't explain.

Melbournes 'The Angels'. Download the 80's stuff. Twas when they and Doc Neeson were at their best!

Melbournes 'Dave Graney'. The man is a master of words and smokey pub feelings! Do it!

Geelongs 'Magic Dirt'. She was voted as one of the worlds most beautiful women in some English Music Magazine but she has the mouth of a brickie. Love Magic Dirt Mate!

Queenslands 'Regurgitator'. Funny as fark so also getem intoya!

Queenslands 'The Onyas' If you want Pub Rock, mate this is the band for you!

Brisbanes 'The Saints'. Maaaaaaaaan, Australias most seminal band ever. Do it, getem intoya!

Sydneys 'SWOOP'. A most awesome funk/metalish band. On stage appearance was a confusing cross between Reggie lookin people to guitarists who could have played for Judas Priest. Cool stuff!

Melbournes 'You Am I'. Some of the greatest song writing ever. Lyrics are deep and beerin'. For your own sake, gettem intoya!

Melbournes 'The Bombshells'. This is one of Crusty's thrashabouts.

And to see the new year in 'Yothu Yindi'. Black and as he should be 'PROUD'.

Melbournes 'Cosmic Psychos'. Like Brisbands 'The Onyas', if you want your feet stickin to the pub floor, your bass as hard as your stomach can take it and your guys with a beer gut dressed in bonds blues, this my friends is the band that grew to symbolise the entire Melbourne Pub scene. If I ever think of 'a' Melbourne sound then this is the band. Get the Psychos into ya! One of L7 did!

And lastly Sydneys 'Radio Birdman'. If there is one band anyone in the world should download for the sound of the great Aussie Pub Scene, this is the band for you! Do it!

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