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The New Danger

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day to ya

I noticed today that I had a new danger to face whilst walking the streets of Baiyin. Not only do I now have to look down I now also have to look up. There are what I now call 'bombs' everywhere waiting for the unexpected person.

Bomb Threat Number 1: Uncovered 'man-holes' - don't go getting all politically correct on me and call them 'person-holes'. They have been man holes for a long long time and that's what they are. Ok, a big danger you face almost everywhere you walk or ride in China are uncovered holes in the ground. Many have the actual 'cover' sitting somewhere near but the 'workers' whom last 'worked' there couldn't be bothered putting the cover back on. Most sadly, just have no cover at all. These can be found on the busiest streets and footpaths along with the quieter side streets.

Bomb Threat Number 2: Doggie & Kiddie Bombs - I guess at one stage in China's history 'doggie bombs' wouldn't have been a problem. Fido was dinner! Now that he's not and it seems that every second person in Baiyin has a puppy or two there are hundreds of 'doggie bombs' everywhere. I'm not saying that everyone should carry a plastic bag with them like back in Australia, that would be good but it won't happen in this society, maybe Shanghai and Shenzhen, that's about it.

Beside each foot path here in China (or most parts I've been too) there is a little island or garden where a few trees are planted and in other parts of China grass and flowers can be found. What I am saying is why don't they drag or train their dog to take a few extra steps to the island/garden that separates the path from the road.

At least 'most' of the young kids are trained by their parents to head for the island/gardens to drop their bombs when it's time. Yep, children up to the age of four seem to just stop and take a dump anywhere they please. It leaves me completely speechless every time I see it happen. Usually there is a public toilet within a minutes walk but no, little Ling Ming is allowed to just squat in the garden. Like I said though, most head for the island/garden. Some I'm afraid to say just drop their bomb on the foot path.

Males of all ages can also usually be spotted facing a tree in these areas at any time of the day.

Bomb Threat Number 3: Ice Bombs - Today whilst I was walking along I discovered a new threat and one I consider pretty bloody dangerous. Here in China we have guttering but there are no 'down pipes' but a short pipe that angles the water out on the footpath. Winter is a bugger of a time to walk around the shopping area in areas where it actually rains. In the south they build these little coverings so the rain doesn't go in the shop door, but what you actually have is a footpath with hundreds of gutter less coverings that run onto the footpath.

Hence - the amount of people that walk on the road. Very strange building idea!

Anyhow, today I spotted two kids throwing stuff at the guttering. I thought maybe there was a cat there so I headed over to save the cat only to find frozen water. I then looked back the way I had came and found the same all the way along the footpath. These 'Ice Bombs' are actually hanging over the footpath. Many look pretty bloody heavy and some even sharp.

Oh the dangers I face in this tough life I lead.

Whilst I'm looking down protecting myself from 'doggie & kiddie' bombs I have dangerous 'ice bombs' above me and whilst looking up protecting myself from dangerous 'ice-bombs' I am threatened by 'doggie & kiddie' bombs. Any water on the ground is now almost frozen over, so what happens if I step on a 'doggie & kiddie' bomb on the way to work?

Like I said, oh the dangers I face here. It's a tough life peoples, real tough. But someone has to do it. Thankfully me!

Beers N Noodles to ya...shane

The New Danger

The New Danger

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