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A New Warmth For The Freezing Cold

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day to you all

I thought it was time for a quick visit to Travelpod Land and offer a few words of wisdom.

Snow really is cold! If you can stay away from it, do so! It really is wet, cold, slippery and useless! The only thing it's good for is to look at from behind the warmth of your window!

BUT...maybe I will break.

Last night as I was walking around town after my nightly 'Around Tenish Noodles', once again those horrid little buggers gently began falling from the sky. After a few minutes I felt my first 'warmth' towards good old Frosty. As I was walking snow flakes would fly into my nose on an in take of air. At first I thought I had a blood nose but there was no blood. Then it happened again and when I realised what it was the child within leapt out and I began to giggle.

Those passing by must have thought I was crazier than what I they already think I am.

From then on I looked around me with a new 'fun filled' vision. Soon I will be building snowmen with the children at school. On weekend walks through the parks I will be invited to join in snow fights and building snowmen.

It really is gonna be a new life experience for me.

I always promised myself I'd never teach in the north due to the climate, but here I am. I find myself walking amongst that which I wanted to stay away from AND it was my own decision. I actually could have been teaching on the tropical island of Hainan Island, but instead I chose to head north and fulfill promises I had made to myself and another special person who'd been given the back seat for too long.

So from the warm tropical lush greens to the barren north I've come.

Whilst walking last night, after my little giggle and new awakening I realised that this really will be a huge life experience full of adventure and learning. Not only will I get to live, work and ride around a desert city but in that same city I will have a second new life experience that of snow, freezing temperatures, learning how to dress properly and sadly that sandals really will have no place here until sometime next year.

Now that really is a bugger for me!

I look at my sandals each morning as I put on my layers of thermals and polar fleece and remember all the good times we have shared. Memories of warmth and sunshine flow through me. Oh poor poor Shane! OOOOHHHH!

Sorry people's, I was actually telling you how excited I was beginning to feel wasn't I.

Oh yeah, how cool is this. I will also have my first White Christmas. I'm actually getting very excited about that one. It wasn't until last night when I was chatting to a friend on the phone that it sunk in that there are only four weeks until Christmas.

Me being me was still living in October. Man time flies when ya havin fun!

So, to life in general. What have I been doing?

Sweet bugger all really. School is just awesome and teaching my kids this year is just a dream. My one year 'Teaching Syllabus' is coming along great. The kids help heaps and we chat about what to add in for next time etc.

I stoopidly tried going for a bike ride yesterday and after forty minutes I headed back home to jump under the doona to warm up. It's just too cold. When I looked out of the window it was snowing, no wonder my nose, cheeks and ears felt like they were going to burn off.

I guess it really is walking from now on. It's hard to comprehend. It's just not the same!

Life's been pretty much about having a heap of fun at school, walking around to keep fit N healthy, chatting to people on MSN, creating new Lesson Stuff and getting frustrated by putting on and taking off layers of clothing. I went for a few hours walk out into the hills the other day just to have a look at the Desert Mountains covered in snow. I must say, they look a lot better covered in snow. I forgot my camera so I'll have to head back out again soon.

The attached photo is of the Castle Thingy outside my bedroom balcony window. This is what I wake up to each morning. How Beautiful!

Before I go let's have a look at what I get to experience all in one year.

1: The Desert 2: Living in a desert city. 3: Riding through the desert. 4: Living amongst a huge Muslim population. 5: Big Snow 6: Living in a snow filled city. 7: Learning how to live with snow. 8: Hating layers upon layers of clothing. 9: Building snowmen. 10: Having snow fights. 11: A White Christmas. 12: A White New Years 13: Both 11 & 12 spent indoors.

So in one year I will experience both climates I never EVER wanted to experience. For those people who know me, when you really really think about it, isn't it amazing how stupid I can be!

Just adding it to the list hey. You're not amazed huh... HHhhmm!

A million beers and noodles to you all...shane PS: remember, life really is one long noodle!

Bugger, Frosty Is Here

Bugger, Frosty Is Here

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