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A Construction View from The Peoples Square

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day to you I know it's no Shanghai but man there is some construction going on in this city. China's nine percent growth has only one meaning...CONSTRUCTION!

On all maps of Baiyin there are roads leading all the way to the train station at the far west of town. The maps are kind of right, they actually do have all the roads built but there are actually no buildings.

What you actually have is 'half the mapped city'.

If you look at the attached pictures all you can see are cranes in a full 360 degree view. This is prettymuch like most Chinese cities. Half a city is full, the other half is new and the buildings empty. I experienced this for the first time six years ago in Jinghong.

There were alot of new buildings then and they were empty.

Now six years later they are full.

Here it's the same. There are many new and empty buildings in the west yet though they are all empty, there is construction on many other new buildings. Who will fill these buildings.

Is there an expected influx of people expected here in Baiyin.

Will a million people suddenly say, 'Hey Man, I've read eddakaths Travbelpod and Baiyin City looks like the place for my family and I. Bugger livin in the lush greens mate, lets pack up and head to the northern deserts'.

'Oh yeah, I also hear they have a great supermarket up there!'

I really don't know who will fill all the empty space, but as long as there is nine percent growth it really doesn't matter hey!

Beers N Noodles to ya...shane

Oh yeah, these were taken on a bike ride with my two buddies Mr Mann and Mr Wong. We had spent the morning at another teachers sons wedding. It was a great time and the food was unbelievable. We then decided to head off on the bikes to the Peoples Square.

Both guys are really cool to be around. On the left is Mr Mann. Tis easy to say hello to him, I simply say, 'Hey Man', 'Lets Go Man', 'Where to Man?', 'Another Beer Man?' etc etc. 'Hey Mans' an English Teacher and on the right is Mr Wang, he's my Foreign Affairs Guy. Both are overly helpful yet not in a 'leave me alone and give me my space' way and have made my first month here in Baiyin a great time.

'Hey Mann! Thanks Mann!' tee hee

anyhow, more beers N noodles to ya...shane

Wedding & Ride Day

Wedding & Ride Day

Wedding & Ride Day (1)

Wedding & Ride Day (1)

Wedding & Ride Day (2)

Wedding & Ride Day (2)

Wedding & Ride Day (3)

Wedding & Ride Day (3)

Wedding & Ride Day (4)

Wedding & Ride Day (4)

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