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World Cup 2006 in Tianyang - Australia Vs Japan


Huge night last night.


In fact it was an awesome night.

Let me set the scene for the evening.

Imagine living in a small Chinese farming town. Imagine being Australian (feels good doesn't it...tee hee!). Imagine being the only foreigner and being Australian. Imagine that nearly everyone in the town, just like everywhere in Asia, is a huge football fan.

Imagine the reaction of these Chinese people when 'their' only foreigner's country is playing...JAPAN!

I'm not going to go into the China and Japan relationship, I think I've written about it in another entry. Let's just say they don't share my warmth and affection towards Japan and its beautiful people.

Anyhow, with all the above in mind imagine the applause I got when I entered the 'Old Peasants' BBQ Area. I was to meet Mike and several people. I was early and when I entered there was clapping and whistling. I had no idea it was for me until people began yelling out...just say 'Our Daily Ya'. This of course means Australia in Chinese and it's the easiest way to explain the sound.

The 'Old Peasant' is the largest bbq area/shed in the huge new BBQ Area. It's huge mate. Ninety nine percent of the other bbq areas are housed in sheds the same size but each shed has about ten or so small areas. So you can imagine how popular this place is. Anyhow, when I realised the clapping was for me I said my 'Hellowwwsss' and was quickly saved by 'Harry' a Chinese English teacher from the High School. A nice table to be at I found as I sat down. There were about twenty girls there all in there early twenties and all smiling at me. We shared some beer, chat and bbq until Mike and friends arrived. Now that was a Real Bugger for me!

There were a few free tables down the back of the shed BUT as Australia was playing, a table was placed at the front of the shed RIGHT BEFORE THE BIG SCREEN TV!

As you would know, Japan led one zero for most of the game. Then it changed. When Australia got that first goal the place went nuts. People ran over and we clinked beers and we guzzled 'em down. I found out it was Australia's first and only goal to that point in the history of the World Cup (Hey, I'm a big fan!). Then the second goal came and then the third. It was actually like it was China playing against Japan.

I'm not sure if they were happier because it was my country who won their first game

OR because JAPAN LOST!

I'm putting my money on the latter!

Needless to say, it was a very late evening!

Not too many Beers N Noodles to ya...shane

thumbnail.large.life_in_china.1150290960.world_cup_australia_vs_japan_x1x.jpg thumbnail.large.life_in_china.1150290960.world_cup_australia_vs_japan_x2x.jpg thumbnail.large.life_in_china.1150290960.world_cup_australia_vs_japan_x3x.jpg

World Cup Australia Vs Japan

World Cup Australia Vs Japan

World Cup Australia Vs Japan (1)

World Cup Australia Vs Japan (1)

World Cup Australia Vs Japan (2)

World Cup Australia Vs Japan (2)

World Cup Australia Vs Japan (3)

World Cup Australia Vs Japan (3)

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