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Foreigners Weekend In Little Tianyang. FREAKY!

Hey Hey and G'Day to you all,

It's been a freaky weekend for my little town this weekend. In the past there has only been 3 foreign people visit Tianyang (that includes me). The other two were the last two foreign teachers. Saturday there were two and today there were FOUR and the town was a little freaked out.

Friday night was a beautiful evening. It was warm and spent with the lovely Lisa. We ate we walked and we talked. I learnt a few more Chinese words and we worked on her English. After I walked her home I hit the market place. Like usual, 4:30am found me knocking on the gate guards window to be let in. Saturday I was supposed to head to Tiandong to visit Judy. These plans changed around 3am Friday night (Saturday morning) when we all gave Judy a drunken call telling her to come to Tianyang instead.

Saturday I slept, rode and cleaned my little place. Judy arrived around 4pm and after dropping her bag off we walked around the town freaking people out. For dinner we grabbed a table at the Market Place and then spent a few hours walking around Tianyang. Later we headed back to the market place for beer and chat. My poor friends finally found out what I feel like most nights. As we talked they would look from Judy to me and then shake their heads and say No No No. Her Sher joined us between Wok Ups. Many of the usual people walked past and said their many 'hellows' and almost jumped through windows when both a male and female replied. We called it a night and headed home around 1:30am.

On the bus journey from Tiandong to Tianyang Judy's bus passed two foreigners walking along the highway. We figured they would grab a lift with a long distance bus and go to Kunming so we never thought anything of it. This morning (Sunday) for some strange reason we decided to head to the chicken shop at the supermarket for brunch. I've never actually eaten there and had no intention of eating there, but strangely we went. We had just sat down to eat when the two 'Walkers' came in and looked at us all confused. They couldn't believe two other foreigners would be in such a little town.

They grabbed some burgers and we began talking. They have planned a two and a half year walk from the east coast of China (Hong Kong) all the way across to France. At night they pitch a tent and sleep in the fields. Every five days they stop and rest for two days. They began their journey two months ago.

His name is Alexis and hers Roxy. Their web site is www.co-existence.net. BUT, being from the French side of Canada their web site is in French. Most of us won't be able to read about their travels but every picture tells a huge story. If you are interested go have a look and then tell me about it. China's 'GREAT FIREWALL' has blocked even them out so I guess there will be no updates for a few months.

After brunch we headed to my house so they could use my internet for a few hours to email family and friends. After a short time the new teacher in Baise called to introduce herself. She is also from Canada and invited them to stay with her for a few days when they get to Baise. Sometimes things just happen and you meet people in such strange ways but afterwards there is always a reason.

When I was travelling in 2000 I would sometimes sit and marvel at how 'life just works' when you allow it to. Things just seem to work out. I would grab a bus to some symbol on the station wall and have no map or even a name for the town. I would get there and things just worked out. One time in South Korea I was trying to find a place to stay and having no luck at all. It was just a tiny little fishing village. It was getting dark and I figured, hey it'll just work out. I grabbed a coke and as I turned a lady was walking past, she stopped, looked at me and put her hand to her face in a sleeping motion. I nodded and off we went.

The 'Walkers' never eat this type of food, I've never wanted to eat at the chicken shop yet we all enter several minutes apart. Sarah the new teacher in Baise got my phone number a week or so ago and chose this afternoon to ring whilst they were at my house. They were both exhausted and had already decided to spend several days in Baise. Now they have a comfortable place to stay, with another Canadian and all for free!

Two and a half years walking, unbelievable! They walk around 30 to 40 kms a day. I would hate to be them in a few months in mid summer when they reach Pakistan and Afghanistan etc as they never set foot in buses or cars. It's gonna be bloody hot walking in the sun! Man, but what an experience! We said our good byes at the town square and watched them walk down the highway. Around 3:30 Judy and I headed across to the market place for Joutsa where we met one of my favourite Grade 4 students, 'little' Ling Ling. She's taller then almost all the students in the school and her mother whom runs a noodle stall at the market place is probably the tallest person in town. Ling Ling joined us and had Judy in constant smiles.

After Judy caught a road side bus back to Tiandong I grabbed my bike and spent the next two and a half hours riding though the villages. I stopped and played chasey with some of the village kids whom always run behind me yelling 'hello, hello, hello' over and over again. It's strange, some villages all the kids have bikes and in other villages it seems none of the children have bikes. Maybe they don't sell as much tomatoes!

Anyhow, that's it from me, I'm going to head across for some noodles and a beer at the market place and sit and contemplate the wonders and joys of life! It's a hard life here in Tianyang. A million smiles from the south of China.

Say hello to some of my students

Say hello to some of my students

Walking from Hong Kong to France

Walking from Hong Kong to France

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