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In With The Pigs

This entry I snuck in on the 24th April 2006.

I am hoping that my family have finished reading my past travels and won't read this entry. I can only imagine the thoughts that would pass through my parents mind after reading this. Though the evening was both filthy and stupid now it makes for an entertaining evening!

I had only been in China for a few months and withheld certain events from my travelogue more for so my family wouldn't worry about my health in China. I have written about certain situations of my travels from the past and present in the Travelpod forums, now I've decided to put everything in except for the more PRIVATE happenings. Those you don't need to know about so don't even ask! Har Har...

OK, here goes.

I was at a friends place for dinner in a small village on the outskirts of Tianyang. As the villages are much poorer than Tianyang not many homes even have a squat toilet. Sometimes there is a shaped bush for cover on the side of a pit. In other homes, well, you're in with the pigs!

Yes, you read right, you are IN WITH THE PIGS.

We had spent the entire day on a little river boat swimming in the local river. In the late afternoon we headed back to my friends little village we stayed for many hours drinking beer with the locals. I'm unsure if it was from lunch or from the river water but after many beers I had to...GO!

So in with my new found friends I went.

Not to get too detailed, usually after beer I would stand, but this time it was a squat job. I tried quickly to finish what I had to do before my friends (the pigs) came over to say hello, but trying to squat and balance on two bricks in the middle of 'everything' is a hard job.

Soon enough, my new found friends came rushing over to say hello. They sniffed, they snorted and then began to nudge. Before I knew it, I had left the bricks and was on my back 'in the middle of everything'.

Luckily for me, it was a very hot and humid night and there was a river running not far from where I lay. I quickly jumped the fence and into the river I went. I must say, I got a lot of strange looks when I went back inside with everything soaking wet. Not being able to speak Chinese, it was a rather difficult job trying to explain what had happened and why I was wet. I think they understood as they all laughed and soon most of my clothes were hung to dry.

We decided to head back into Tianyang later in the evening as lightening had begun its nightly dance. On the way we dropped into more little villages and sat for more food and beer. In little villages Biajio is poured into a little metal bowl and the village leader spoon feeds biajo to his friends and they all spoon feel biajio to him. It's rather a strange thing to watch. As I was new and the first foreigner any of them had met I was spoon fed much too much Biajio as was my friend whom was driving the little motor scooter.

Large drops of rain began to fall and a cool breeze finally arrived to cool the humid night. It was time to go.

So off we went without much thought. We began the journey driving slowly along the side of the highway and as we came into Tianyang the rain began to increase and my friend increased the scooters pace. Soon we were scooting along and luckily for us the scooter being electric could not go too fast. We hit a pot hole on the side of the road and the front wheel got stuck and we were thrown off. We both slid into the middle of the highway and stopped in the 'on coming traffic lane'.

Luckily the downpour had made all traffic, mostly trucks and buses drive at a snails pace.

Only little harm came our way, I had huge grazes up my back and my buddy had cuts down his arm and thigh. My favourite tee-shirt from a juice bar in Queensland was stained black with the roads tar and too this day this stain refuses to come out. Now I use it only to ride my bicycle. Each time I change to head out riding, the stains remind me to be careful. On the tee-shirt is written 'Mind Body Spirit' now I read them with caution! Since this day I have never mounted a scooter with anyone whom has been drinking as much or more than me.

Life's to short to be so stupid!

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