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Hey Hey and a Big G'Day to you

Alls well over here Tianyang County.

I'm settling into my new place of living. It's very simple and it's very comfortable. I have everything I need which isn't much...mainly a wok, and a 1 burner stove with gas bottle for the shower water, a bed, a computer and some cane chairs and a table.

Like everywhere in China everything is tiled, cool in summer and cold in winter, but hey, it's easy to clean! Everything is so simple here. Everyone goes to the market each day for vegies and food stuff. Your kitchen has no cupboards just a sanitiser as you wash your dishes in cold water and then put them in there. You don't actually use it, it becomes your cupboard. I have found out why it is all tiles several times whilst helping cook dinner Your floor becomes a mud pit during the process but hey, it's all part of it. You just mop it later.

Chinese houses are really so clean when you think about it!

When I got here my computer was in Chinese so I formatted it with my own copy of XP that I was smart enough to bring with me. I had a great trip here; it took most of the day as I went by bus. From Yangshuo to Guilin, Guilin to Nanning and Nanning to Tianyang. When I left Yangshuo I had several layers of clothes on, by the time I had left Nanning and was on my way here I was shedding the layers. It was like we passed an invisible wall and the humidity set in.

The country changed just as the weather changed. I must say, a large smile was on my face the entire journey. When I arrived in Tianyang I was met by all the officials of the school with a massive bunch of flowers. It was such a happy moment for me. On the way to taking me to my room, we stopped in at the pool.

Tee Hee, oh baby I love the south of China!

It seems that there have not been many foreign people here in the past except the last two female teachers before me one of which was Australian. The town is exactly what I search for when I travel, barely any English spoken and no written English, no street signs, dirt and cobble stone alleys and roads and of course the million stalls selling noodle soup and other assorted stuff all lined up along the streets. I love it!

I think the population is around 30,000, so a tiny village by Chinese standards.

I'm being looked after by two lovely Chinese girls aged 21 and 25. They know English well enough to get by and are very cute! I had my first class last Tuesday and just loved it. It's funny, everyone here has layers of clothing on and I'm walking around in a t-shirt and shorts. I'm constantly being asked...brrrr cold? Sometimes I put a jumper on just to keep them happy and to stop worrying about me but tis not cold at all.

Like most places in Asia when I walk around the kids stop me to look at my arm hairs!

The land around here is kind of like down in the Shishong Banner (correct spelling is Xishuangbanna Region) down near Myanmar and Laos (my fav place from last time), I guess cross it with the Guilin area and you have here. I love it so much here. I wouldn't change it for the world. My two friends come to my house and we cook dinner and we watch DVD's or we go out. I have lunch with the Kinda kid's everyday as my friends are Kinda teachers.

We snack on chicken feet and duck tongue and beak.

So far I've been to 2 weddings, brother's places, sister's places, not real sister's places, parents places, friends places etc. I was told by the other primary teachers that it's like I've been here for years, but I think that may have to do with not needing much help as I've travelled heaps of Asia. so they constantly try to get me to do stuff I've never done.

But I've eaten dog before etc! HA HAR!

My kids are fantastic, around 60 to a class. My grade 3's and 4's are my favs. The 5's and 6's are more of a challenge but I do my best to keep them happy. I love English corner each night. We have soooo much fun. We walk around and teach each other the English and Chinese names for everything. Then I let them pass around my Chinese/English dictionary, we then spend the next hour playing Hide and Seek and Duck Duck Goose.

My friends sang in the Women's Day thingy last night and it was such a beautiful night. We then headed out for beer. Beer beer, oh so much beer. I'm in heaven. Pretty Asian girls drinking beer around me all the time. Life's pretty tough in Tianyang County I must say. Tonight I'm off to a girl's house I met through a friend whilst at the KTV place. She works for an airline and wants to know about Australia. I think they are trying to get a flight course there or something. She is having a Women's Day dinner with her friends tonight so I'm being collected at 6.

More pretty Asian girls drinking beer. Oh, please someone help me!

I spend hours at the town's market place a few times a week. I get fed and free beer and we all laugh and laugh and laugh. One lady breaks into hysterical laughter whenever she looks at me. It's so funny. So I by vegies from her just to make her laugh more. I go off walking on my free time and have several times been offered lunch or dinner with a little out of town family.

My friends keep hearing stories of the foreign boy who was eating here or eating there or eating with that family or over there or riding somewhere way out over there, it's so funny.

I went to Baise last weekend with Yang Yang (Jane) and had the best time. Spent time lying by the pond talking and we walked and visited her friends and ate here and there. Her boyfriend who lives in Malaysia rang me the other night and it looks like I could be off to Malaysia at mid year for a month with Yang Yang.

My bosses are cool, the big gal doesn't speak any English but smiles and stands by me and smiles again all the time. The big guy is always pouring me beer at Karaoke so it seems I must be doing ok. All I need now is a Tianyang wife and life couldn't be more perfect. I wish I had of done this 10 years ago instead of a stupid career in law. How strange life is hey. Luckily I have no belongings in Australia so I guess it really doesn't matter how long I stay.

I just have to hope I can be the teacher they want me to be.

There is one thing that I just can't seem to figure out so far. Like last time, there is hocking and spitting and when you eat the bones and stuff go on the floor or the table by hocking them out of your mouth, but what gets me is, how can a people spit their food on the table and floor in front of you and then cover their mouth with their hand when using a toothpick. I asked Yang Yang and she just laughed and wondered if anyone in China has actually thought of it that way.

Strange behaviour.

No doors on most public toilets so everyone gets to watch you do your business yet they'll still cover their mouth whilst using a bloody toothpick. Strange but makes you love China even more.

Anyhow, I'm outta here, missyuz an incy wincy bit. Beers N Noodles....shane

Womens Day Celebrations

Womens Day Celebrations

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Womens Day Celebrations (1)

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Womens Day Celebrations (2)

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Womens Day Celebrations (3)

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Womens Day Celebrations (4)

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