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Losing Balance Part 2


Ok then... Part 2

I was then taken to the nearest hospital where I was given 'pep me ups' and had many tests (blood, urine, shots and put through that entire body machine that looks like a Stargate Porthole ... CTC or something).

We waited several hours for the results after which the doctor look me in the eyes and told me I was a lucky man, another month and my heart would have given away and most likely..

Bye Bye world!

I was then told I had to spend two or more weeks living in the hospital. Brother said, not this bloody hospital and booked me into the highest hospital.
We then ventured over there where I was given more tests and told to return the next day.

Over night they had honed in on the problem. I was absolutely, completly dimished of ... something begining with P... can not remember, but it is extremely important in the functioning of the human body. Also extremely my malnutrition was waaaaaaaay down due to my body using anything and everything to continue kind of thing.

As they had honed in on the problem and knew what meds etc I was allowed to stay at home and return ever second day for tests, tests and tests!

So, how bad was it?

I had no balance, I needed help for everything, if there was no sign or pole, i needed help to step up and over the simple road side gutter, needed help to get in and out of cars, up and down stairs etc.

I had no strength what so ever.

To take the stairs to the little alleyway below usually takes a minute, it took me ten to fifteen. My alleyway water melon man, if there, would help me to my apartment and give me a free watermelon (the guys playing cards in the alleyway in the last post), the supetmarket staff would help and deliver my things to my apartment....

All in all...The Chinese are not what you see in the media.
Thats the government!, but I figured that out fifteen years ago.

ok then...

Photos.... for those who don't know, I changed to a new kinder this term and it is so wonderful.
I haven't spent much time there, most of it was sleeping and trying to rock the stairs.
I will return this Monday.

Part 3 soon

Ok then... Part 3 next

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Sounds nasty - I hope to read that you made a good recovery

by ToonSarah

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