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A Trip To An `old fashion' Post Office With My Students

Had an awesome day today.

We took our K4s for a n adventure to the Post Office and they had a great time. Most had only ever been to a mail express place.

But now days they come to you.

Yesterday they wrote letters to their favourite friend in class and put it in an actual envelope. So after a tour of the Post Office they got to see an actual stamp and put it on the envelope and then use the Post Box outside to mail it.
They all thought the cities Post Boxes were decorations...

But now I guess they are hahaha!

Some pictures from today and my amazingly `whats becoming one of my normal and favourite dishes` for dinner. We get fed amazing food at school for lunch... It's as good as going to an expensive restaurant... It must be, these children are dropped off in all the latest model cars, live high-class apartment blocks etc.

But the one thing I love the most about them, they never EVER act spoilt, EVER! That's pretty amazing when they come from an extremely rich coastal city.

Ningbo city was the Shanghai prior to Shanghai. China's 1st port (now the 5th largest in the world), China's 1st Bund (a piece of land given to foreigners to build their own little Western Society)...

But Ningbo still feels like a small town Society. And that is shown in its children and public.

When I say this to the parents, their replies are all the same.. oh no, we never want to be like Shanghai. Our port is our port and our lives are here, we don't want to grow as a city. We like life how it is.

Slow, comfortable and normal.

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