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It is time to make the dream come true!

So, on an adventure,
just another one.
Which began in the deep south of Yunnan Province of China.
I had viisited here first in 2000 for Chinese New Year (my first of 16) ) and watched Monks throwong crackers at each other like children,
, maybe they were but children.
A most beautiful part of China.
I have returned many times since.
this this time, I revisited and slowly travelled north in to the Himalayan Mountains, did the normal backpackers thing buut way up there and then another chicken bus broke down. It is normall or was then in such places. Looking down you see the wreckages of past .. um.. me!
After a weeks of travelling to and from small villages, the bus wouldn not start. So I went for a walk for a few hours and found a dream come true..
A temple.. being reovated.. as in totally.

I stayed nearly two weeks and watched them do everything the floors, re painted the inner and outter paintings.
This photo, is my most favouritevof all of my twenty five years of photos..
Finally I turned my dream into reality.
Now it will become my dream tattoo.

Rock n Roll

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A simple walk up the road for Birthday Fried Rice


A simple walk up the road for Birthday Noodles.

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Hey Hey from another new school.... Totally Awesome!

Hey Hey and a Big G'Day toya,

It has been a long night, hot, humid and so many mozzies.
I am now in my new school, and it has been AMAZING!

So am once again at a new school... why?
The virus, border lockdowns, foreign teachers who went to home their home countries still have restrictions on returning to China.

It is our current, reality!

My new school is actually my bosses//My Chinese Brothers Training School. He always asked for five years, join us....
Like Slayer at the beginning of Hell Awaits, but you don't need to reverse the actual record. I always chose to go to different schools... but due to the virus, things have become 'different'.... There are not enough foreign teachers to help teach here in China.

My Brother has always, ALWAYS, stepped in and helped.
Several months ago, I suffered from Massive Swelling from foot to leg.
Everyday hospital. More tests and more tests. everyday more and more.
I simply woke up one morning and I couldn't feel my feet nor my legs .

It was THE most strangest things in my life..
Try waking up to that!

It became so bad that if there was not a a sign or a post, I could not go up or go down single road side gutter without help. I could not get into or out of a car without help. At the bottom of my apartment complex there is a guy who simply sells waterrmelons and my Watermelon Friend would not only help me climb the five levels but would carry the watermelon all the way upstairs. Also When I went shopping at the supermarket downstairs, I would pay but one of the staff would take my groceries to my room.

I spent the rest of the rest of last term at the Kinder until they locked all schools down.
So.... I thought, after five years, why not join, become part of my Brothers Training school.
It is completely the opposite to what I am used to.
Very structured.

But at the same time I can actually speak to my students the same as those back home. They are amazing and beyond. So much that Going to class is like going to a bar, COULD YOU PLEASE STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS... Not really, but, their English is far beyond anything I could ever imagine. I also continue to teach Kinder and lso wonderful primary school students.

It is a school of many levels.
I for the first time in 16 years, have my own classroom.
I do not have to go from classroom to classroom many times a day. I simply stay put and wait for my students to arrive.

I read what you ... not YOU, BUT What MOST say//write about the Chinese..
Do not believe or repeat that shiat. They look after me so much. Infact with my legs and feet swelling I was going to have to spend 21 days in the hospital.....But it was the 3rd biggest hospital in the city. .... Noooo, that was not good enough. Five minutes later I was paid into the cities 1st Main Hospital. We went there, done more tests and it was found, if I took the medication and returned each day for more blood tests etc,

I could stay at home

After all of the weeks and almost daily hospital visits,
One morning I woke up and could feel EVERYTHING!
Also, the swelling was gone.

Many weeks later, all is Rock n Roll.

After many yeats of promise to myself, on Friday night , I was in search of new eatings, went down a vibrant food alleyway and found myself in front of a tattoo parlor and I thought why not begin my Xfiles Sleeve. Why? Because for nine years my friends and I gathered with beer n snacks to watch the new episode.

Three hours later,
Tattoo with meaning.
And since then, repeatedly watched for 20 years.

Saturday I awoke to typhoon rains and when it settled I thought, why not start my Stephen King arm Sleeve.
I had a picture, but changed it to a painting of ... well ... detail ... maybe too much for a tattoo.
But I and all seem to love it. It is scarey, especially when viewed from the Birds Eye View!.

The cat?

It is Church from Pet Semetary.
Painted by the same painter who painted my Pennywise painting./tattoo.
It only seems fit that church snugs in there too..

So good to feel good.
Beers N Noodles toya,

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HHHmmm, wrong food Wing Wang!

G'Day Mate,
How areya.

Mmmm Mmmm,.so good last night, I went back for seconds this morning.
But a good endind to a bad start as I went to an eatery I have beem to many times, I pointed and said in Chinese... i want this, this and this.... each food said in Chinese.

Chicken curry with rice, green salad and tomato and egg soup.
easy huh?

As dumbfounded as I was, so was everyone else... a foreigner ordering.. in Chinese... they all stopped to look and listen.
They all understood my order.

I got nothing I ordered,
completely different.

I got chicken bbq sticks, corn porridge, 12 fried dumplings and beef fried rice....I simply walked out..

But she asked me to pay...
That was until the PEOPLE stepped in.
I stayed, said thank you to the people and left.

I then jumped on my ebike and knew where to go!
A small Japanese eatery I found a month or so ago.
Located on Wanda Plaza food and Walking street between several Korean eateries.
(Koean food and Japanese food are both Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge in China).

Japanese honey glazed chicken, Japanese crumbed chicken, both doubled layered, seaweed noodles, sweet sauced salad topped off with seaweed and tofu egg and tomato miso soup.

All for Four Australian dollars.
Great way to begin summer holidays.

Beers N Noodles toya.

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Found A New Set of Stairs... and new Art

G'Day Mate,
How are ya?

So, today on the way to my third morning class I dropped by my favorite class to enjoy some snacks,
also they have a kettle... no boiling water allowed on kinder grounds,
which sucks for tea lovers like me.

But we get around it.

Anyhow, I was walking to my normal set of stairs when I noticed what I thought was a room, hmmmm, what is in there I pondered.
After changing footage direction, upon arrival, I found it housed a stairwell and I also noticed the walls were filled with artwork from students who helped their teachers.

Scroll diown and click on MORE PHOTOS.

After school I dropped by my favourite little Japanese eatery for some honey chicken, crumbed chicken, salad, sea weed and miso soup.

Nice find!
Beers N Noodles toya.

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